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Here at Shortfall today we are taking a look into some of the very best sports cars made available around the world. Sports car are priced a lot higher than standard variants of City cars,SUV models and estate vehicles amongst many more, many for good reasons. Sports cars often have a much more dynamic look to them and benefit from some of the most up to date technology. Features that often stand out with sports cars more than any other vehicle variant on the market is the sheer amount of power that they contain. If you have the available funds to purchase a sports car on today's market then we believe that we may have the ideal car for you today. We have today produced a list of five of the very best sports cars available on the market right now. We have taken things like power,comfort and design technique into consideration when putting this list together today and there are a number of manufacturers represented in this list that have made a name for themselves in the sports car sector with these individual cars.


The five finest sports cars available right now


The Audi R8

So our very first vehicle to make it onto our list today is the addition of the big selling R8 model from German manufacturer Audi. The vehicle was first produced in 2007 and has since this time released many variants onto the streets over the years. As far as sports cars are concerned this vehicle has certainly defined a generation and made history as it was officially one of the first vehicles apart from the BMW i8 to introduce laser light technology into one of its machines. The car benefits from some truly phenomenal looks and power. We see the power side of things demonstrated by the fitting of a 5.2 litre,V10 engine which in total puts out a power deliverance of 550 brake horse power and will therefore make the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a very quick time of just 3.7 seconds. The Audi R8 also comes along with some great features for both the interior and exterior of the car which could appeal to a vast range of customers. For example for the interior of the R8, we see that the R8 is made available with a fully leather upholstery and a flat bottomed steering wheel. The choice of either a standard manual transmission system or an S Tronic automatic transmission are also made available with the Audi R8. The suspension system on the car is also finely tuned which makes for a much more smoother driving experience in the car. The tyres that have been included with the car are also quite wide which helps the car to grip better to the road.

There is both a coupe and a spider variant of the car available and as far as the spider convertible is concerned, we see that it is made available with price tags beginning from £102,385 rising upwards to £126,385. Price ranges for the Coupe model begin at £93,735 and range upwards to £160,000.


The Rolls Royce Wraith


Our next addition into our countdown today comes to us courtesy of the luxury car brand Rolls Royce who were founded in 1906. This luxury car brand has released many big selling vehicles over the years and have proven to be one of if not the biggest luxury sports car brand in the world. The vehicle from the manufacturer that we are focusing our attention today is the Wraith. The Wraith was originally a vehicle that was put on sale by the brand in 1938 and was produced for just one year until 1939.

The version of the car we are focusing on today though was launched into the world just last year and comes in the form of a coupe. This Wraith was stated by company owners to be the fastest Rolls Royce vehicle ever produced. The Wraith comes as a two door variant and is only available as a rear wheel drive variant. An eight speed automatic transmission system also comes along with all variations of the car. The Wraith benefits from all of the power and comfort that you would expect from a Rolls Royce vehicle and this is demonstrated by the fitting of a 6.6 litre,twin turbo V12 engine which produces a whopping 624 units of brake horse power. Power in the car is demonstrated by the speed in which it takes the Wraith to reach 62 miles per hour from the get go and we see this achieved in just 4.4 seconds. A brand new satellite aided transmission system also comes along with the Wraith which sees the car predict upcoming corners,roundabouts and motorway junctions. We are pleased to inform you of the good news that the Wraith is available to purchase right now but it does come with a pricey cost of £220,000.


The Aston Martin DB9 Volante

Next up in our line up today of the best sports cars on the road, we welcome in a vehicle that is very deserving of a place in our countdown today and it comes to us courtesy of the Aston Martin brand. The vehicle we are referring today is the DB9 Volante. The very first version of the DB9 was produced in 2004 and is available as both a convertible and a coupe model. A large V12 engine is included with the DB9 which puts out a total of 510bhp overall. Power of the car is perhaps demonstrated the most by the time in which it takes the DB9 to reach the 62 miles per hour zone from a standstill and this is achieved in a quick time of only 4.6 seconds.

Regarding some of the other great features to find their way into this particular model, we see that the additions of carbon ceramic brakes and a six speed,semi automatic transmission system help the car to stand out and make an impact. There are also plenty of safety equipment to find their way into the DB9 which consist of air bags,side impact protection,traction control and electronic stability control also finds its place into the DB9. As far as a purchase price is concerned for the DB9 Volante, we are pleased to bring you the news that a DB9 Volante can be purchased for a total cost of £143,495.


The Lexus LFA

Just narrowly missing out on the top spot today is the addition of one of the finest sports cars that the world has ever seen. This vehicle from the Lexus brand who are also owned by Toyota, was first produced in 2010 and was manufactured up to 2012. The vehicle we are referring to today is the LFA. The very first time the LFA was shown was in October of 2009 at the Tokyo motor show. There is only one engine option made available with the LFA and that comes in the manner of the 4.8 litre,V10 engine which sees a total of 552 brake horse power. A multi link rear suspension system also finds it's way into this particular model which helps develop on a smooth driving experience. A total top speed of 202 miles per hour are achieved and we see this target reached by the LFA in a very quick time of only 3.7 seconds. As far as some of the added pieces of equipment are concerned, we see the LFA come fitted with a total of three exhaust systems, a leather and carbon fibre trim and adjustable bucket seats also find their way into the LFA. The price tag maybe a little costly at £300,000 but there is no doubt that the LFA is one of the finest built sports cars the world has ever seen.


The Mclaren 12c Spider

The Mclaren Spider is a sports machine that was first produced by the Mclaren brand in 2011 and is officially one of if not the very best vehicles that the sports car sector has to offer. The 12C is available as either a coupe or a roadster variant and comes in the manner of a rear wheel drive vehicle. Its not the standard 12c we have our attention set on today though, the version of the car that has reached our number one position today is the 12c spider. The Spider is a convertible version of the car which comes with a retractable hardtop roof. Overall we see the 12c Spider reach a top speed limitation of 202 miles per hour. Overall we see a big 616 brake horse power output come from the 12c spider variant which means that the acceleration time from 0 to 62 miles per hour comes in at a very impressive time of 3.1 seconds. A finely tuned suspension system also finds its place of pride in the 12c Spider which means that grip,cornering and a general all round softer driving experience is what you can expect to receive from the 12c Spider model. A price tag of £195,500 comes along with the 12c Spider. There are some brand new added pieces of equipment that also help the car stand out which include Xenon headlights,cruise control,a keyless start system,and Bluetooth connectivity.


The impact these sports cars have made on the world

Each of these vehicles have certainly proven to be some of the very biggest sports cars around the world today and we have seen them achieve much more success than the majority of sports cars on the market right now. So if you have the available funds, we certainly recommend choosing one of the five sports cars listed above.