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Honda Civic Type R


In some of the latest breaking news to make its way directly out of the Japanese car and motorbike company known as Honda, we are excited to report on the latest reveal from the brand which came our way on Tuesday this week and comes in the shape and form of the brand new Civic Type R model which was officially revealed in front of the media and general public alike.


Throughout Honda's car range they have sold some truly magnificent models both in the new and used car trade but perhaps none have been a better seller than the Civic model which has had tremendous success since its original debut and, with this all new Type R model from the brand we believe that this addition could very well go on to be one of the best selling vehicles for them to date.


Everything you need to know about the Honda Civic Type R


What is it about this all new Civic edition that makes us think the car will have great success and why do we think that this model even has the potential to rival similar vehicles from other rival brands such as the likes of BMW, Mercedes and Vauxhall? Well the brand have officially confirmed that the model will come complete with a 2.0 litre, turbo charged engine that will produce 276 units of brake horsepower overall.


It also comes with revised front and rear bumpers and is shown in a base colour of red. The vehicle at this stage in time is only a concept machine but we believe that the full edition of the car will be revealed at next years Geneva motor show. The vehicle is also designed to have improved air intakes making for a much more cooler system when the car is revving at high temperatures.


The future for Honda and the Civic Type R


Sadly as this vehicle is still in it's concept phase, nothing has been confirmed as of yet regarding an official price tag or launch date that is expected to come along with this brand new addition to the Civic range but, we do believe the full model will be on display next year at the Geneva motor show and will be expected to launch some time before the end of 2015.