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Mercedes S Class Coupe

New Mercedes S Class


The Mercedes S Class has been one of the most impressive models on show this week at the Geneva Motor Show. The New S Class model will go on sale in November this year and will be priced at somewhere in the region of £100,000.


The S Class concept model was revealed last September at the Frankfurt Motor Show and the sharp styling that was on the model then seems to have remained on the model for the finalised production model.


The two door coupe model is 89mm shorter than the S Class Saloon at Mercedes and the roofline of the model is also 85mm lower. The rear windows on the model are also a considerable amount narrower and flow neatly into the set of wide wheel arches.


The Mercedes S Class Saloon model whilst going up against the very impressive and challenging BMW 3 Series is not set to go head to head with the latest Jaguar offering. At the Frankfurt Motor Show the S Class Coupe model met the Baby Jaguar Saloon.


The baby Jaguar Saloon and SUV models somewhat stole the thunder of the £100,000 Mercedes S Class model and racked up a number of headlines. The pair of models met once again this week at the Geneva Motor Show when it was announced that the Jaguar Saloon model would be taking on the XE name.


The Jaguar model also revealed very impressive fuel efficiency and emission figures which are set to blow rivals out of the water. The new Jaguar XE model will be the most fuel efficient vehicle in the saloon market and will not be liable for road tax. The speed of the model is also not too shabby and will certainly give the BMW and Mercedes models a run for their money.