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Lotus Evora S


British car firm Lotus have been well known for a number of years thanks to some great selling sports car additions to make their presence felt on a world wide scale. Today though we are taking a look into the brands Evora range and perhaps one of the very best value for money sports cars on the road right now, the Evora S racer. The Evora range from Lotus was first brought into play back in 2010 and has achieved a great level of success since this time.


However, It was in 2011 that the Lotus brand first give fans a glimpse of the Evora S racer. This vehicle like the majority of Lotus models on the road right now has the ability to appeal to a vast audience range thanks to its perfect combinations of both power and comfort. It is a great all round sports car that we think for the sheer power and performance abilities of the car and the amount of equipment to come along with the car is certainly good value for money.


What makes the Lotus Evora S Racer something special around the world?Blue Lotus Evora Racer S

So what are these perfect features that the firm included during the production of this vehicle? Why should you choose this particular sports car over anything similar on offer from some rival competing brand such as Audi or the Cayman addition from Porsche? Well with a look into the power and performance abilities that you can expect to receive from the Evora S Racer, during production the firm included a 3.5 litre, supercharged V6 engine which can be found under the bonnet.


The transmission system to come along with the car just comes as a standard six speed manual gearbox. Thanks to the perfect combinations of both the engine and gearbox, we see that the overall power output from the vehicle comes in at a grand total of 345 bhp. Therefore, a top speed limitation of 178 miles per hour is achieved by the car and we see that the Evora S makes the overall sprint from 0 to 62mph in just 4.4 seconds.


The suspension system to come along with the Evora is perhaps one of the best that you can expect to find on a sports car as bumps in the road and rocky surfaces are barely touched and felt by the car. The good range of added equipment to come along with the vehicle is also nothing short of great value for money. We see that a set of Recaro racing seats and updated stereo are keen sellers. The fittings of Pirelli tyres are also a welcome addition.


There are also two packs to choose from when it comes to added features also which include both the sports pack and the technology pack. If you do choose to opt for the sports pack, you can expect to find a brand new sports exhaust, a sharper throttle response which is all activated by the touch of a button and cross drill brakes too. If you are more of a tech and gadget kind of person the tech pack offers you an updated sat nav,tyre pressure monitoring and an all new reversing camera too.


How much will you hand over for a Lotus Evora S Racer?

If you are interested in making the purchase on one of these Evora S Racer models, we are delighted to bring to your attention that we think that the car definitely is great value for money as for everything listed above, you can expect to hand over a sum of £65,900 for your brand new Evora. The car is also on sale right now. Check in with your local Lotus dealer to make the purchase.  


                          Red Lotus Evora Racer