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Over the past week, Jaguar Land Rover have issued four separate recalls, affecting various vehicles for the 2013 and 2014 model years across their brands.


Jaguar recall number one


This recall affects 297 XF, XJ and XK vehicles due to a fault in vehicle's toe links. The toe links, which are components used to control the alignment of the rear wheels, can separate from the rear sub-frame. This could result in a loss of vehicle stability and directional control. The manufacturer has stated that it will notify owners and dealers will replace the nut and washer assembly on the rear toe links, free of charge.


Jaguar recall number two


Jaguar's next recall affects 1,589 XF 2.0 litre GTDi vehicles manufactured from May 2013 through to October 2013. This recall is due to a fault found where the clamp for the Charge Air Cooler (CAC) hose may be out of position and loose, allowing the hose to detach. This could lead to the engine stalling. Additionally, steering and brake assistance may be lost, further increasing the risk of a crash. Jaguar have announced that they will notify owners later this month, and dealers will inspect the CAC hose to make sure it's clamp is in the correct position and tight. The work will be done free of charge.


Land Rover Range Rover recall number one


Parent company, Jaguar Land Rover, have issued a recall for their Land Rover brand. This recall covers 5,238 Land Rover Range Rover vehicles manufactured from May 7th 2013 to October 10th 2013. This recall comes as the company discovered a fault in the turn signal, which can cause the turn signal indicator not to flash at double rate to give a notification to the driver of a front turn signal malfunction. Due to the fault, the vehicles do not conform to the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard (FMVSS) No 108, “Lamps, reflective devices and associated equipment.” Without a warning that a front turn signal is malfunctioning, the driver would continue to use the vehicle, unaware that other drivers on the road are not being notified that the vehicle is turning. Land Rover will notify owners and dealers will update the vehicle software, free of charge.


Land Rover Range Rover recall number two


The final recall in Jaguar Land Rover's announcements affects two model year 2014 Range Rover Evoque vehicles which were manufactured from November 27th 2013 to December 4th 2013. This recall comes as the bolts connecting the right hand rear suspension link arm may have been damaged during vehicle production. If the damaged bolts fail, allowing the link arm to separate from the vehicle, loss of vehicle control may occur. The company plan to notify owners and dealers will replace the connecting bolts for the right hand rear suspension link arm free of charge.


Jaguar Land Rover have announced that all recalls should start this month, around the 27th May 2014, if not before.