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Mini recall the Cooper D over noise issues


We are constantly hearing about models being recalled a year down the line due to problems, usually a problem with the airbag or something similar, though it is quite a rare occurrence that a manufacturer has to delay deliveries of a model due to noisiness.


The deliveries of the new MINI Cooper D have been delayed due to the diesel engine being louder than expected.


The company has had to delay the deliveries of the all new Cooper D model after test cars had actually developed problems with noise.


The MINI Cooper D had a new three cylinder 1.5 litre engine and it is thought that the diesel version is far noisier than expected. There is also no timeframe on when the company will have this problem fixed, so customers are waiting on their new MINI models.


A spokesperson for the brand recently confirmed that there are engineers currently investigating the problem and that MINI is keen only to deliver the new diesel models to their owners when they are of a perfect quality, rather than having to issue a recall at a later time.


The MINI Cooper D is the most frugal vehicle in the companies range with a claimed fuel return of 80.7 miles per gallon and 92g of Co2 emissions. Though the car has one cylinder less than the Mkll model, the power is up from 110 brake horsepower to 114 brake horsepower, with 270 newton metres of torque.


Owners have forked out £16,450 for the standard MINI model which comes with a DAB radio, Bluetooth and air conditioning, though there will be some customers who have paid more for the extensive list of extras.