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New Jaguar Technology - Company Car Website Rankings - North Korea & South Korea Sales Divide


A recent set of research carried out by Oracle Finance has revealed that there is a big divide between the North of the UK and the South when it comes to spending money on sports and luxury car vehicles. The research has found that the number of customers buying these vehicles in the South is double the number of what the North of the UK is selling. Forty eight percent of customers buying these vehicles were reported for the South whilst the North was at just twenty percent.


The majority of sports car sales for the North were reported in Cheshire,Lancashire and Yorkshire. However the vast increase on sales in the South were reported to come from London,Middlesex,Essex,Berkshire and Surrey. Very low rates of these purchases were made in Scotland,Wales and Northern Ireland.


Manufacturer websites the best for choosing a company car?

A recent study carried out by a company named Sewells Intelligence has revealed that when companies are looking for a company car, the first place that they often choose to visit for ideas are online via manufacturer websites. Both Fleet Managers and company catalogues are two of the biggest sources also but it has been revealed that company websites are even more popular than these other two sources.


A tally revealed that one in five decided to make their way over to the website rather than using another source. 2,200 people were surveyed in the research and 42 percent chose the companies websites rather than a choice of nineteen other sources. Companies brochures were voted second in the research as a source when deciding which car to buy.


Jaguar introducing new technology into their vehicles

Jaguar are taking the next step into technology advancement by introducing a range of brand new features into some of their future models. The automotive industry is rapidly developing new technology which has helped them to bring in higher sales figures than ever before and Jaguar are just the next in line. The brand have introduced a range of new voice control technology into their models which could see other companies such as Mercedes and BMW follow in their footsteps with. The new features have turned a lot of heads around the world and rightfully so.


The technology is being referred to as the 'justDrive' system and will allow the driver to browse the internet and post Twitter messages out by just using their voice. A total of seventeen apps have been confirmed to come fitted to the technology. Jaguar have announced that this new technology will be free for Jaguar models which carry the in control infotainment system. Both android and ios technology are compatible with these new features and it will launch from the beginning of next year.