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Lexus NX200T


Japanese car manufacturer who are also owned by the Toyota company, have officially revealed their brand new NX 200T model which is all set to go on sale here in the United Kingdom and across other parts of the world also from March of next year. The Lexus company were established in 1989 and have since gone on to have much success on both the new and used car markets on a global scale.


They have designed vehicles in the past which have taken into consideration power,comfort and a range of other different selling points. Now though the mass manufacturers have officially revealed this brand new model and some new features which make their way to it. The likes of Nissan amongst many other top car firms have proven to be an ideal source of competition for the company over the years, so what have Lexus included with this particular model to help maintain this sort of rivalry.


The new features and specs of the NX 200T


What new components have been included with this model during it's time on the production line to help it stand out and make an impact amongst other top car firms including the likes of German manufacturer BMW and the Audi brand who are famous for the TT range?


Well if we take a look into the engine and overall performance statistics for this addition to the Lexus line up, we see that the car benefits from a 1998cc, four cylinder,turbo engine. The engine used helps the car produce a total power output of 235 brake horse power and we also see it develop a total of 350NM of Torque.


A six speed automatic transmission system also finds a place in the NX 200T model and the vehicle will only be made available as a front wheel drive variant. A total top speed has been confirmed to come in at 124 miles per hour which is also helped along by a 7.1 second sprint time in which it takes the car to go from a standstill to speeds of 62 miles per hour.


When will the Lexus NX 200T arrive?


It has been confirmed by the company in charge that we can expect this new addition to the Lexus family to go on sale from March of next year. The expected price tag to come along with the NX 200T is expected to come in at around the £35,000 figure.