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New Lexus LFC2


Toyota's luxury brand Lexus have been for the past few weeks teasing a brand new convertible concept model which is being marketed under the name of the LFC2. It was however yesterday that the firm officially revealed the car in full for the first time ever from the LA motor show. Over the past number of days, the firm have been revealed new shots of the car revealing more and more of the vehicle each time and now we have seen the car in full and have also been treated to announcements regarding the range of specifications that will also come along with the car.


For a number of weeks the speculation regarding the vehicle was that it is a convertible version of the RC Coupe and although this has not been confirmed in full, judging by the look and design of the vehicle yesterday, we certainly believe that this could very well be the case.


The range of specifications to be found in the Lexus LFC2

Unlike the majority of convertible vehicles on the road right now, the Lexus LFC2 has been confirmed to have no roof at all. Another version of the car is however expected to be revealed next year containing a roof. The vehicle looks to be pure luxury as Lexus have confirmed the range of bodywork features that are included with the car. The vehicles body design carries over a lot of the same features found on the RC Coupe which include the same spindle front grille, a revised air vent setup and LED headlights.


A set of chrome tip exhaust pipes can also be found at the rear end of the car, a new style rear diffuser and a set of 20 inch alloy wheels are also thrown into the mix. The inside of the car is also just as amazing as the exterior. A brand new set of leather hugging seats in a White design scheme and a leather steering wheel are confirmed for the car alongside the large centre console which spreads across the width of the dashboard.


Sadly Lexus did not comment on the engine range that can be expected to come along with this concept vehicle. It is however believed though that the vehicle will features the fitting of a five litre, V8 engine unit which is expected to put out a power deliverance of around the 450bhp area. It is worth noting that this is the same engine that can be found in the upcoming RC F Coupe model. An eight speed automatic transmission system has however been confirmed for the car and will be controlled by paddles located on the steering wheel.


Will the Lexus LFC2 make it into production?

Nothing has been set in stone as of yet regarding if the car will go on sale in the future. Judging by the features and the specifications that have however been announced for the car, we see of no reason why the vehicle could not go on sale. As soon as more information is revealed on this brand new Lexus model we will keep you informed.