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Today here at Shortfall we are giving a run down of some of the finest and most exciting vehicles to be displayed this year at the Los Angeles motor show. We have today constructed a list of some of the top brands being represented this week at the event and the vehicles that they are all set to reveal for the first time. There are a vast amount of manufacturers to be represented at the show this year and it is promising to be one of the most exciting events of the year on the automotive calendar. The LA motor show has been held consecutively for the past 28 years with this years marking the 29th event in its history. So now we bring to you a list of some of the key players to keep an eye out for this year at the event.


A wide range of vehicles set to make an impact this year

We will now begin with a look into German firm BMW and two of their brand new models which are all set to grace us with their presence at this years event. Both the brand new X5 and X6M models were confirmed to receive their first public debut in the flesh at this years event just a number of weeks ago. Both of these vehicles have been confirmed to be more power orientated versions of their current predecessors available on the road right now. It has been confirmed that both models will receive the fitting of the same engine which consists of a 4.4 litre, twin turbo charged engine unit. Both vehicles engine units will be fitted with a direct injection and power of 564bhp is expected to come with the vehicles. Both fuel consumption and fuel emissions have also been focused on with these vehicles. Both the X5 M and X6M have also been confirmed to be made available on the road from April of next year.


The Mercedes S600 Maybach

Next up in our list today is an addition that comes to us from the minds over at the Mercedes Benz team. A brand new S600 Maybach model is all set to grace us with its presence from the spring time of next year. Maybach is a name that was discontinued on vehicles from 2012 onwards and now the firm have confirmed the revival of the name which will come fitted to a luxurious and powerful vehicle addition from the Mercedes brand. Images of the car were revealed a number of months ago which show the car with a White leather interior which includes a leather roof and door sills also. Power for the vehicle has been confirmed to be delivered from the fitting of a six litre,V12,Twin turbocharged engine unit. Electric adjustable rear seating will also be included with the model which will arrive next year. Our first view of the car will arrive this week in LA.


The Lexus LF-C2 concept design

The next vehicle on the agenda today comes to us as a concept vehicle and has been produced by the Lexus brand. The brand new LF-C2 is a concept vehicle which will come in the form of a convertible model. When an image of the vehicle was first shown last week, a silhouette of the car was originally shown in front of an image of an eclipse. It was after the reveal of this image that Lexus confirmed that the car would be shown in parts seventy two hours before its official unveiling at the event. Fans were told that they could vote on parts of the car to be revealed via a special website designed for the vehicle. The vehicle looks similar to that of the RC Coupe in terms of design which is why speculation has been circulating regarding the vehicle being an RC Convertible. It was only yesterday that an image of the vehicle was shown with more of the car being displayed. This showed that the vehicle is indeed a convertible model and comes in a metallic yellow paint scheme.

Production on the vehicle for the future is not confirmed at this moment but we may hear more on this situation from the vehicles official unveiling this year.




The Porsche Cayenne GTS

The next model in our line up today comes to us from German auto-maker Porsche who at this years event will reveal their brand new GTS version of the Cayenne to the general public for the first time. The Cayenne is a luxury SUV from the firm which has been on sale since 2004 and is now one of the most recognised vehicles in the SUV industry of all time. The version of the car we are looking at today though is GTS more power orientated version of the vehicle. The firm have confirmed that this new version of the car will receive the fitting of a 3.6 litre,V6 unit which comes twin turbocharged. A total power development of 434bhp has also been confirmed for this new version of the car. This means a 20bhp upgrade on the previous model which was powered by a V8 engine unit. 5.2 seconds is all that is needed for the car to make the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour and a top speed limitation has been put into place which sees the car reach an overall limit of 162mph.


There are also some other new changes that find a place in the vehicle which include a set of 20 inch alloy wheels,Alcantara sports seating and a leather trim interior for the car. The brands all new active suspension management system is also found in the Cayenne GTS. The ride height of the vehicle has also been confirmed to have been lowered by 20mm. The order books on the Cayenne GTS are open right now and a price of £72,523 will also come along with the vehicle.


The all wheel drive Jaguar F Type

Next on the agenda comes a new variant of the very popular F Type model from iconic British firm Jaguar. The company stated that the F Type will now come ran on an all wheel drive platform. That is not necessarily the exciting news here though. The exciting part is that Jaguar are to introduce a brand new range of all wheel drive F Type models from next year with a total of fourteen vehicles being affected by this change in total. Everyone one of these vehicles will also be brought to Los Angeles this week to go on display for the very first time. One of these models was spotted undergoing its testing phase earlier this year and it was fitted with a three litre,V6 engine unit that is capable of hitting the 186mph top speed limit. Jaguars new ingenium engine range are also expected to find a place in line up next year. We look forward to hearing more on this brand new F Type range later this week. As soon as more information regarding specs/prices and on sale dates are confirmed, we will keep you updated.


The Porsche 911 Carrera GTS

Porsche are making the headlines again now with the addition of a second GTS model that they will be brining to the table this week. The brand new 911 Carrera GTS will also be displayed state side and is expected to be received just aswell as the brand new Cayenne GTS that they are showing. This will mark the third GTS model to be shown this year as the Cayman and Boxster also received GTS models earlier on into 2014. The same engine from the Carrera S will be found in the car which is a 3.8 litre, flat six engine unit. A bhp development of 424 has also been confirmed. Around four seconds flat is what the car is expected to make the sprint to 62mph in and a top speed of 190mph will also be made achievable from the car.


The Audi R8 Competition:

Now last but not least on the list today comes the very last special edition R8 model from the Audi brand which will come marketed under the name of the Competition. Sadly for us fans here in the UK, the brand have stated that this model will only make its way to the United States and will only be made available there in limited numbers. The model has been confirmed to be the fastest R8 model that is offered and this comes as no surprise when we see that the can spring from the get go to speeds of 60mph in a very quick time of just 3.2 seconds. A top speed limitation of 199 miles per hour is also made achievable by the vehicle. A 5.2 litre, V10 FSI engine offering 562bhp has been confirmed for the vehicle. A seven speed,S tronic transmission system sending power to all four wheels of the vehicle will also come into play. A vast range of colour options and wheel sizes will also be included with the car along side some optional extras which include features such as a sports exhaust system and carbon ceramic brakes. Prices are unconfirmed for the vehicle right now but the car will arrive in America from the beginning of next year.


Are you excited for the LA motor show?

So there you have it, these are in our opinion some of the very best that the automotive industry will have to offer at this years big event. All of the vehicles listed above are expected to be revealed by their respective manufacturers during the first few press days in Los Angeles and other companies will also be on hand to reveal other surprises and other vehicles for the 2015 year. Make sure to keep your attention on the Shortfall website and social media accounts as we follow every news story from this years event.