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New Jaguar SUV spotted during testing!


British car firm Jaguar have been making the headlines as of late in the automotive industry as their brand new SUV model which is expected to arrive on the market in the near future has been spotted undergoing its testing on British roads and could be set to be one of the most anticipated SUV models to arrive on our roads in quite some time. The SUV industry has rapidly increased over the past number of years and is now one of the most sought after car divisions on the market on a world wide scale.


We have seen the likes of the Nissan Qashqai show just what an SUV vehicle is capable of doing in this day and age. Can Jaguar do much of the same though with this brand new addition to the line up? Jaguar/Land Rover are one of Britain's biggest car manufacturers with their plant located in Halewood Merseyside, so it comes as no surprise that the brands will be borrowing particular features from each other for some expected great success. The vehicle shares a lot of similar features with that of the popular Evoque from Range Rover but can it prove to be just as successful as the vehicle when it is to see a grand launch?


How is the Jaguar SUV shaping up so far?


Well it is worth noting first and foremost that when the car was first sighted testing, it was shown in heavy camouflage so a lot of features are currently being kept under lock and key for the vehicle. There are of course features of the car which disguise can not hide though and that is the ride height and measurements. The track that the vehicle runs on is a lot wider than that of the Evoque and the wheelbase has also seen some increases which mean a larger interior space for both the driver and passengers too. The SUV model that was spotted includes the fitting of a two litre diesel unit but it is uncertain at this moment in time as to whether or not other engines will be offered along with the car when it does go on sale.


The car was first sighted undergoing tests in March this year so judging by this it shows that the vehicle is closer to a launch than what may have been previously expected. The likes of the BMW X4 and the Cayenne from the Porsche brand are both expected to be two high sources of competition for the vehicle when it does go on sale.


When can we expect to see the new Jaguar SUV on our roads?


Production of the vehicle is yet to be confirmed by the iconic British firm as of yet but it is believed that the car will be set to go on sale from sometime throughout the course of 2016. A price tag is also yet to be confirmed for the vehicle but expect to hear more on this matter closer to the official time of launch or at a grand reveal for the car which could come as early as next year.