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Lexus tease the brand new LFC2 concept model

Toyota's luxury car brand Lexus yesterday revealed to the world via a teaser image, the brand new concept vehicle that they will be bringing along with them to next weeks Los Angeles motor show and it is being known as the LFC2. The vehicle was teased with just the silhouette of the vehicle being shown and the beginning of an eclipse behind it. The reason behind this is that the brand are to reveal the concept vehicle in parts creating the effect of a solar eclipse.


Details on the vehicle itself remain pretty quiet at this moment but the vehicle will have the curtain removed on the vehicle fully next Wednesday. The main part we need to point out here is that the vehicle is a convertible model which can be clearly seen from the images teased and will come in the form of a two seater.


Is the LFC2 something else?

What we mean by this is the vehicle shares a similar body style to that of the RC Coupe which has therefore lead to speculation that this vehicle may indeed be an RC convertible model. A slopping bonnet design shares the same style as that of the RC Coupe as do the rear bumpers. There is no word as of yet regarding any other features and specifications that will come along with the vehicle. It is firmly believed though that if the vehicle is revealed to be an RC Convertible model for future production then it could carry over some of the same engine units from the Coupe and the RC F.


This would mean that the convertible would receive a five litre V8 engine unit with the potential of a hybrid powertrain being thrown into the mix sometime in the future. If this is the case, it could mean that the LFC2 could take on other top contenders such as the Porsche 911 and the BMW M4 amongst other competitors currently dominating the market.


How will Lexus reveal the LFC2?

In an interesting note here, Lexus have revealed that before the vehicle is officially revealed on the 19th of November in LA,the firm will be revealing other pieces of information on the vehicle with fans being able to vote on what is revealed at a specially design Lexus website for the vehicle. This event will continue for 72 hours ahead of the cars official reveal.  

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