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New Mini One


In a world where vehicle launches are happening so quickly, it is often difficult for the world to keep up. Some you may not realise have been launched, some you may have forgotten about but if there is just one vehicle to remember this month we certainly think that is the brand new One model from British company Mini.


Their brand new One for 2014 has recently been launched onto our streets here in Britain and around other various countries too. Over the years Mini have become popular for their line up of Cooper and Clubman models amongst many others. Perhaps though it is their line up of one vehicles that have potentially made them a top flight car company for many years to come?


The key selling points and performance rates of the Mini One


Mini have recently faced increased competition in the small city car market with such manufacturers as Ford, Peugeot  and Vauxhall releasing new models that rival the likes of the Cooper with both design and style. More recently we have seen the latest Adam model at Vauxhall win a number of awards regarding the styling and colouring of the model.


The new Mini One model may not be directly competing with the likes of the Adam at Vauxhall but, we do expect the new One model to have a number of styling cues that may be seen on future models. In terms of performance figures for the new Mini One, it will be powered by the 1.2 litre three cylinder turbo engine that has an overall power output of 101 brake horsepower with top speeds being reached all round of 121 miles per hour. With that in mind, we see the brand new Mini One make the overall sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a steady time of 9.9 seconds. This addition to the One line up comes in the manner of a front wheel drive variant and it also comes fully fitted with a standard six speed manual transmission system.


How much will the Mini One be available for?

£13,750 is the official price tag that comes along with this brand new Mini One which is on sale right now from selected Mini dealerships and showrooms in your region here in Great Britain and across other various countries around the world too.