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Gone in 30 seconds – Ford Mustang

Gone in 30 seconds – Ford Mustang


You may be thinking that the title of this article is a little bit off the mark, however, it is more than appropriate. The famous gone in 60 seconds model in the form of the Ford Mustang has sold all 500 European bound models in just 30 seconds.


Order books opened on the model during the Champions League final match in Lisbon last saturday evening. Ford who are major sponsors of the tournament announced that the peak of the European football season would be the best time to release the new power based model.


The books opened at the same time as kick off and by the time the match had finished over 9,800 people had signed up to purchase a brand new Ford Mustang model. In the 50 year history of the Mustang model, not once has the model ever gone on sale in the European car market.


It was believed that this fact would never change as the European car market sank to a sorry low during the development of the new model just a few short years ago. However, the market has since gone on to be a positive market once again with the UK market stronger than previous years gone by.


The 500 models that went on sale during the football final last weekend were advertised across 20 different European countries with each of the 500 people being offered to make an appearance at their local Ford dealership to finalise the order of the premium muscle car before the end of the year.


The historic model with so much success in both the past and future markets was only available in two colours, magnetic silver and racing red. The Mustang model was also available as a convertible and those who chose the convertible had to accept the magnetic silver as the only colour option.


That is not the end of the Mustang sale in Europe, certain markets including the UK will receive a large number of models to go on general sale in the first number of months next year.

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