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Well 2014 is over and done with and we now return after the Christmas and New Year holiday with a fresh year and fresh range of brand new vehicles set to come onto the market and set the pace. That is why today we look to start 2015 off with a bang by giving you auto fans a look at some of the very best vehicles that will arrive on the road this year. Today we have six vehicles from six different companies that are all looking to bring the fight to each other with one being a special treat that Mini have teased just today. Our extensive look today ranges from newly updated vehicles to new model ranges on the road and what better way to get this show on the road by introducing a newly updated model coming to us courtesy of German firm Mercedes.


The Mercedes CLS 350 Shooting brake

This year Mercedes are looking to make history by bringing self driving vehicles to the world aswell as new advancements in technology. What about current models though?. Well don't think that the German firm have forgotten about their current range as they most certainly have not and this is demonstrated by the new CLS 350 Shooting Brake for 2015. This new model is working as an updated version of the popular CLA vehicle and will look to wow you with new visual changes and updates to the engine. So jumping in head first with the engine updates,we see that Mercedes are now offering two diesel engines alongside a V8 petrol engine coming with a set of twin turbochargers. Diesel wise there are options of either a three litre V6 and a four cylinder 2.1 litre unit. The petrol carries 5.5 litres. The big seller though is expected to be the three litre V6. Given 257 brake horse power, it comes as no surprise to us that the CLS 350 will hit 152 mph as a top speed limitation and will therefore make the dive from a standing start to 62mph in a good time of 6.6 seconds. With a nine speed automatic transmission and running on a rear wheel drive platform, it comes as no surprise that the updated CLS 350 is expected to be a very smooth runner.


Visual changes brought to the car in AMG spec form include LED lighting,a built in sat nav, climate control and heated leather seating. All round good value for money is what the Shooting Brake offers and is demonstrated by a price of £50,585 for the fore mentioned V6 model.


Bentley Mulsanne Speed

The next vehicle in our 2015 line up today takes a different direction from Mercedes by delivering on one of their traditional luxurious and super powered vehicles. Bentley Motors are responsible for out next addition which makes its way onto the 2015 market in the shape and manner of the new Mulsanne Speed. First of all before jumping into the specifications of the car, we are pleased to let you know that the new Mulsanne Speed for 2015 has now gone on sale. Now with the launch out of the way, its time to look into what Bentley are notorious for and that is their vast amount of power. We see that the Mulsanne Speed features a 6.75 litre,Twin turbocharged V8 engine. What we mean by a different direction from the Mercedes CLS is that the car produces a whopping 273 more units of bhp than the Mercs coming in at 530bhp. Torque is something that is excellently delivered upon also with 1,100Nm setting a good stance for the Mulsanne. The car is an eight speed automatic with 190 miles per hour proving its top dog in terms of a top speed. A fully leather interior consisting of both White and Black with Bentley logos embroided into the seating give the car that special feeling. With big 21 inch alloy wheels and a Metallic Blue colour option, the Mulsanne Speed is certainly not a vehicle that you could mistake for anything else. As with any Bentley receiving so much power and special abilities you can expect a price tag to be up a little on traditional sports car and this is proven to be the case with a price tag of £252,000 that is brought along with the Mulsanne Speed.



Mini sports car sketches surface

Today we have a very special treat for all of you Mini fans out there. It was just today that our news story here was first reported. Sketched images of what is believed to be a new Mini sports car have recently cropped up online with no confirmation from Mini being announced as of yet. The sketch is said to be the full production version of the Superleggra Vision concept vehicle. The image is said to have been filed by Mini here in Europe and shows the plans for what the new model will look like when it is to arrive in showrooms. The concept design shows that the model would carry over a lot from the original Superlegra model including its body design and some features but Mini have denied today that the photos have come from them. This could of course be Mini keeping information on the car quiet for now but it certainly does look a lot like the Superleggra. The arrival of this image today is very mysterious so with so much speculation surrounding the vehicle, we are looking forward to hearing more on the developments of this new model in the future.


The Honda Civic Black Edition

With a new Civic and Civic Type R in the pipeline from Honda this year, it would make sense for Honda to do something a little more with their current range of Civics on the road and that is exactly what the company have done. It was launched last year and now we can confirm that the Civic Black Edition is making a name for itself on the road especially with the addition of a new engine. Of course the very obvious change to the car is the jet Black paint job. The car however is now featuring the addition of a new engine which makes its way to you in the form of the new 1.6 i-DTEC diesel engine. As you can expect from the Civic range, a six speed manual gearbox is thrown in as is a front wheel drive platform. The new engine helps this Black edition of the vehicle to hit 129 miles per hour with the vehicle making the 62 mile per hour mark in ten and a half seconds. The Civic is definitely one of the Japanese companies biggest sellers on the road in more countries than one and they will look to make an impact with this model and the fitting of a new i-DTEC diesel engine just ahead of this years launch of a new Civic and Civic Type R looking sportier than ever before.


The Fiat 500 X

From near mid 2015, Italians Fiat will put their brand new Fiat 500 crossover model on sale here in Britain and ranging across other parts of the world also. This new crossover vehicle is aimed at taking the Fiat 500 to the next level and looks to do it whilst making an impact on the car market aswell as some serious competition driving the streets as we speak. Fiat will offer a great choice for the customer with multiple options of engine resulting in both diesel and petrol variants to go on sale. The platform of the car is shared with the most recently modified Punto and can also be found in the Jeep Renegade. Customers will also face the choice of dual clutch transmissions or the standard manual gearboxes. There is however an all wheel drive version of the Fiat 500X confirmed to be going on sale which will come fitted with a nine speed,automatic gearbox and will develop 168bhp. Looking into the standard pieces of equipment to come along with the car, every 500 L option is to be carried over which therefore results in either a five or 6.5 inch infotainment system coming with the car and both Bluetooth and USB connectivity will also come as standard. Looking for that something extra?.Then Fiat could deliver on the options for you as they are to offer a Beats Stereo system or a DAB digital radio as optional extras. Prices for the new model will begin from somewhere around the £16,000 area.


The brand new BMW M2

Last but not least on the 2015 agenda today is a vehicle that could very well go on display for the first time officially from the Detroit Motor Show which takes place later on into the course of this month. The vehicle has been sighted once previous undergoing tests around the track and now this new Coupe model is all set to go on sale around the Autumn season of this year. A three litre, straight six turbo engine has been confirmed for the M2 with either a six or seven speed,automatic transmission to be fitted also. In excess of 350 brake horse power is also due to be the desired result when it comes to power deliverance from the new M range addition. Some new features to come along with the car completely standard will include a new limited slip differential system nineteen inch alloy wheels and a recently updated braking system too. Carbon fibre materials will also be used both inside and out of the car which would result in a lightweight driving experience that could be set to cost you from around the £45,000 area. We are expecting to see the car in Detroit later this month and look forward to hearing more on the new arrival from BMW.


So there we have it. It is looking to be a great year for the 2015 auto industry with these five big models and the potential of the new Mini Superleggra. The cars covered in our list here today are expected to be great sellers from the moment of launch and we certainly look forward to seeing just what it is they can do in the UK this year. There are of course more vehicles set to launch this year from the same brands aswell as others with this list just about scratching the surface of what we are looking forward to seeing. Keep a close eye out as we will be delivering more on 2015 models over the next few weeks.