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Overfinch and the new Range Rover Sport


The Range Rover Sport is one of the finest SUV models available on the road right now without a doubt. The very first Sport model was introduced back in 2005 with the second generation launching just last year. Our line of sight this afternoon is pointed at the second generation of Sport models which have been taken on by British tuning company Overfinch The company have teamed up with Range Rover to produce 100 units of their new model each year.


The Overfinch company from Leeds are one of the countries biggest tuning companies who kit up current cars to make them just that bit more special. They have now took their skills to the Range Rover Sport and we are indeed seeing good results.


What have Overfinch and Range Rover done to the Sport?


Well in the past the Range Rover Sport has taken on all rivals from other car firms such as Audi and Mercedes amongst many others but can this new addition of a tuned Sport model prove to bring in more competition? Well, the key features to this model that caught our attention the most consisted of a Supercharged 5.0 litre V8 engine which overall produces a grand total of 510 brake horsepower. It's not just the engine and performance rates that make an impact though. We also see the use of a revised exhaust system that help the car stand out.


Some other brand new pieces of equipment that Overfinch have included involve the use of a choice between a line up of 21 to 23 inch branded alloy wheels, a new rear diffuser, a revamped rear spoiler and LED lights also.


What is the Overfinch Range Rover Sport priced at?


A starting price for this newly updated Sport model starts of at a fair price of £87,995. We are also pleased to inform you of the news that these models can be purchased right now from selected Range Rover dealerships around the country although only 100 units of the car will be designed each year.