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2014 was an excellent year for the auto industry in general. This was also certified this morning by the reveal of the best new car sales in ten years by the SMMT. Today however we are to take a look back at some vehicles that made a name for themselves last year by being some of the longest reigning champions on the road. Many models celebrated anniversaries last year with brands such as Porsche and Ford all being included amongst the bunch. One of the biggest celebrations was for the Ford Mustang that last year turned fifty years old on the American market.


A celebration of the Ford Mustang

It is incredible that after fifty years of success, the Mustang is still a vehicle that is still one of the best sellers for Ford over on the American market. Now with this fifty year anniversary coming into play, we look ahead to the launch of the model in the United Kingdom for the first time ever this year. History was made by its 50th anniversary and it will be made again in 2015. The demand for a Mustang in Britain has been incredibly high and with the popularity it received, Ford decided to make the announcement. The big power boasting muscle car will certainly make its arrival known there is no doubt about that and we look forward to seeing the car arrive on UK shores.


A 40th birthday for the Porsche 911

Just less than ten years behind the Mustang is one of the most popular sports cars in the whole world, the Porsche 911. The 911 Turbo model has celebrated its 40th birthday celebration and with well over ten new variants released over the years, it still remains to this day as one of the biggest selling sports vehicles that the German brand has to offer. Offering great efficiency and boasting good rates of power it comes as no surprise to us that the 911 is one of the most celebrated vehicles of all time. This year will see a big expansion for the 911 family as it was stated that every 911 model will receive the fittings of a turbocharged engine this year and the car will also receive a facelifted setup later in the year too. We think that these new changes will certainly help to increase reputation for Porsche and their sports car range and could keep the 911 right at the top spot even with other rivals on the horizon from both Lexus and Audi.