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Porsche Cayman GTS


In some exciting vehicle release news today making its way out of the sports car brand Porsche, we are pleased to talk about the grand launch of the new Cayman GTS model which can be purchased right now. The model has recently gone on sale and could prove to be a key seller for the brand due to the vehicles performance and specs along side a lot of additional equipment that comes along with this car.


Porsche have been an all round performance based brand for a while but along with the power comes comfort and technology and we believe that the Cayman GTS model certainly delivers where this is concerned.


Why choose the Porsche Cayman GTS?

So why would you want to make the investment on this particular model over anything else on offer in the sports car world from competing companies such as, Audi, Jaguar or Mazda? Well we will look into the performance side of things first as we see the use of a 3.4 litre flat six engine. The engine helps the car reach a top speed of 177 miles per hour and this is helped by the quick time of 4.6 seconds that it takes the car to make the jump from a standstill to 62 miles per hour. This rear wheel drive model also comes fully fitted with a Seven speed PDK gearbox as standard.


Now with a look into the plenty of additional features that come along with this model. If you do decide to buy one of these luxurious cars you can also expect to receive 20 inch alloy wheels, an all new sports suspension system, Alcantara inserts for the interior of the Cayman and an all new leather dashboard is also thrown in for good measure.


What's the cost of the Porsche Cayman GTS?

We are pleased to confirm that the Cayman GTS is on sale right now and can be purchased from Porsche showroom's all around the UK and other various countries. In regards to the price tag that comes along with the GTS edition, expect to pay a cost of £57,748 for your brand new Porsche model.