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A number of weeks ago, the Vauxhall brand officially announced a recall on both Corsa and Adam models which are both some of the finest selling vehicles that the company has on offer today. A total of over 3,000 vehicles were recalled from development of May of this year. It has now been announced by Vauxhall that they are extending the recall as it now affects vehicles from February of this year instead. A steering system part was found to be faulty in the vehicles during a routine standard safety check and the models affected officially fell under the standards of Vauxhalls quality control program. Both the Adam and the Corsa are two of the firms biggest selling city cars on the market right now and have both locked horns with rival competition such as the Ford Fiesta and the Peugeot 308 amongst others during their time on the market. Both the Corsa and Adam models have received brand new debuts this past week at the Paris motor show for 2015 launches but how will this recall affect any future success for the vehicles?.


How big of a problem lies with the Corsa and Adam?

The actual fault on these vehicles and the reason why they failed the standard quality control check is that a part on the steering system fell below the standards for the Vauxhall brand. Both the Adam and Corsa models affected by this recall were manufactured in the companies Eisenach factory in Germany. During this time around 30,000 Vauxhall units have been sold with these vehicles making up for the majority of these sales. As of this time, the firm have confirmed that no accidents of injuries have been reported to them regarding the steering problem with the car and that they are issuing the recall to just have the problem fixed.


What should you do if you own one of these vehicles?

If you are the owner of an Adam or Corsa model produced after February 2014, Vauxhall have advised all owners to not drive their vehicle prior to an inspection. A special designated area on the Vauxhall website has been set up which allows customers to check whether their vehicle is affected or not. The button located on the companies website is titled “Safety check for ADAM and Corsa”. Vauxhall have also set up other forms in which you can check the status or your Adam or Corsa model and they have stated that you can also get in touch with them via the customer assistance centre and now by contacting the AA also.