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New Renault Twingo


Renault have recently released the new Renault Twingo model at the Geneva Motor Show. At Shortfall we plan on bringing you up to date news on everything happening at the Geneva Motor Show over the next few days.


It has been an interesting period over the last 12 months for Renault, as market share for the main brand dropped in the European Car Market and yet budget brand Dacia seemed to thrive in the difficult circumstances.


The new Renault Twingo has long been in the development process and is built alongside the Mercedes platform the builds the latest Smart ForFour models. It has been a consistent feature at the Geneva Motor Show so far this week, a new city car everywhere you turn.


The new Renault Twingo model takes on a number of styling cues that reiterates the come back of the successful Renault Hatch back. The new model has taken a number of styling cues from the previous model also, which again puts it in the same category as the Fiat 500 model.


Renault rivals, Fiat, have recently announced that competition from the Twingo and the Vauxhall Adam have forced the Italian giant into thinking about the development of a second generation of Fiat models. Fiat have used the 500 model as a centre piece and built upon the success of the model in other range such as the crossover model. Fiat have also highlighted the Dacia brand at Renault as being a possible future avenue towards success.


The new Twingo model will mount that engine in the rear of the car which will of course power the rear wheels on the model. Renault states that the rear mounted engine has allowed more room for passengers in both the front and rear of the car. The Twingo model has not yet had an official engine line up confirmed, but it is believed that it will be powered by a pair of three cylinder petrol engines with one of them coming from the existing Renault Clio model.