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Dacia Brand Sparks Competition

Monday 11th March 2013 15:16:51

Dacia to Receive Competition


The budget brand Dacia has taken the market by storm in terms of sales in the European markets. The European economy has taken a knock in the last 12 months and the car market has suffered in the way of sales, Italy and France in particular have recorded either record lows or a first low in a while in terms of sales.


Fiat themselves suffered a knock as a result of the uncertainty within Europe and has since looked at ways of returning to the profitable sales for the Italian company. They have looked to the Alfa Romeo brand as a way of generating more sales as well as generating more revenue. They have also looked at the budget brand Dacia and have decided to take a similar route.


Dacia have recently entered the UK car market


Dacia have recently entered the UK car market and have seen a sharp rise in popularity following a very successful marketing campaign which displayed a number of low cost models available. The Dacia brand has received that much exposure from the automotive world that they have grown from strength to strength in the way of sales and development. Dacia have only recently announced that many of the Dacia Sandero customers are waiting up to six months for the delivery of their models due to the extensive waiting list and growth in popularity of the brand.  


Dacia expect a lot more in the way of competition for price in the next 24 months and have decided to look at further ways of reducing costs to then therefore keep the cost of a new model down for the motorists. Since acquiring the Dacia brand, Renault have gone from strength to strength themselves and have invested the right amount of money in the Dacia brand to allow the brand to grow with the time. Dacia currently hold more of a market share than Renault in major markets such as the German car market.

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