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Seat SC Cupra


In some of the latest vehicle release news today to make its way out of the well known car firm under the name of Seat, we are pleased to report on one of the latest releases from the mass manufacturer which comes your way in the shape and form of the all new Leon SC Cupra model. Over the years Seat have had some good sellers come out of their plant, the main one being the Ibiza model.


The Ibiza was a good seller for the mass manufacturer and sold many versions of the car around the world. What is it about this new Leon Cupra model though that could help it stand tall and along side the Ibiza and, why should you choose to make the investment into it?


The main standout points of the Seat Leon SC Cupra


So with that in mind, what has gone into this latest Leon model during its time on the manufacturing line to make it stand out above the rest and why should you purchase this model over any other rivals on the new or used car market from the likes of Ford with the Focus, Vauxhall with the Astra or even Honda with the Civic?


Well firstly we see the inclusion of a 2.0 litre, four cylinder, turbo engine that overall reaches top speeds of 155 miles per hour.It will put out 276 bhp overall and will therefore make the leap from 0 to 62 miles per hour in a time of just 5.8 seconds. The Leon Cupra SC edition comes as a front wheel drive variant and,also comes with a pre fitted six speed, manual transmission system as part of the package too.


How much will the Seat Leon SC Cupra set you back?


Firstly before we jump into a price tag that comes along with this model, we are pleased to inform you that, you can buy this new Leon model right now from Seat dealership's all around the world. Now in regards to how much the Cupra will set you back, you can expect to pay a cost of £26,940 for your brand new Seat Leon Cupra.