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Starting from this coming Wednesday, this years Los Angeles motor show will officially land with the latest in some of the finest vehicles set to be made available to the world. A vast range of brands are represented each year at the event including Lexus who this year will reveal their new LF-C2 Concept model and BMW who will reveal their X5 and X6M models also. Another firm set to be present at the event in a big way though is the Audi brand who are to reveal their A9 Prologue concept model to the fans in attendance for the first time. This is where today's news nicely fits in though. Images of a sketched version of the concept machine have been leaked online and show the direction in which the brand are to take their vehicles in the future. The images give us our best look at the vehicle yet just mere days ahead of its grand reveal.


The A9 Prologue the future for Audi?

Regarding the vehicles future, yes the car is just a concept idea at this moment in time. The vehicle is said to be a demonstration of the future and for study purposes of what Audi's future range will look like. There is no word on whether or not this car is to make it into production in the future. The images have revealed that the car will come in the form of a two door coupe vehicle. Brand new directions in which Audi are taking the interior of their vehicles will also come into play with this concept vehicle. There is no doubt that some of the exterior features that we all love from the Audi brand will continue to be part of the future. The company have however introduced new features along with their standard designs which can be clearly seen from the leaked images. A brand new set of LED headlights and larger air intakes are a part of these changes made to the Audi line up.


More information on the Audi A9 Prologue concept

If this vehicle is to make it onto the production line in the future, it is believed that the car will go on sale from around the 2017 year. A four litre,twin turbo, V8 engine unit would also be expected to carry over from the RS6. As soon as the vehicle is revealed in a few days time and more information revealed we will keep you updated.