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In some news today on the build up to this weeks Paris motor show, we are pleased to report on another vehicle that will be officially revealed to the general public for the first in Paris and it comes to us from the German Volkswagen brand and is another variation of the companies big selling Golf estate model. The vehicle is being marketed under the name of the Alltrack and is expected to be made available on the road from mid way through the course of next year.


This brand new variant of the car sees some changes made to the look and features for the exterior of the model and a new engine range also. The Golf is one of the biggest and best selling vehicles that Volkswagen have ever had on offer but can this brand new addition to the line up prove to be a vehicle that helps to maintain the success that the car has achieved over these years and even help to boost sales around the world?


The brand new alterations made to the Volkswagen Golf Alltrack

So in regards to some of the changes that will officially find a place in this brand new Golf variant, we see that from the images of the car that the mass manufacturer has officially revealed, we can expect to see the welcome changes which come in the manner of altered wheel arches, a set of revamped front and rear bumpers and finally roof rails along the top of the car. Features and parts have also been announced by the brand in terms of what you can expect to find inside the car too. These include a brand new infotainment system and both climate and cruise control systems also find a place in the vehicle.


Now the big news to focus on here for the vehicle is the engine range to come along with it. A brand new 1.8 TSI is the only petrol unit to come along with the car and will deliver on a power output of 177 brake horse power. The time in which it will take the car to go to 62 miles per hour from a standing start has also been confirmed to come in at 7.8 seconds. Two 2.0 TDI diesel engines will come as options which see different power outputs including 148bhp and 181bhp. The entry level diesel model is the addition of the 1.6 TDI which sees an all round power deliverance of 108 brake horse power.


The Volkswagen Golf line up has delivered as a heated source of competition in the past for other top selling manufacturers including the likes of Ford and the Toyota brand amongst many more. Skoda have become quite popular as of late for SUV and estate vehicles and we see the new Alltrack Golf model providing a good source of competition for them also.


How much will the new Golf Alltrack go on sale for?

A price tag is current unconfirmed for this brand new addition to the range but it is expected that when the car does officially go on sale from next year, it will sell for a price of around the £23,000 mark.