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Mercedes C Class


The new C-Class range from Mercedes is set to be expanding beyond the traditional variants, according to Thomas Weber, research & development boss of the company. Weber said in a recent report that people should expect as before, a coupe and a convertible model, along with some body styles. He explained that the company will be continuing with variants that people already know, along with some more expansion.


He went on to say that there are four plants that are producing C-Class models and the company has a clear message that it will grow. He stated that it's now possible to be a lot faster, with less money for newer models.


Comments on the Mercedes C Class


When Weber was asked in the report about the possibility of another four door coupe that was based on the C-Class, he explained that there is definitely room between the CLA and the CLS models. He said that the company is looking intensively at remaining niches that will provide the brand with growth and profitability.


Weber also said that the GLK SUV, which is based on the C-Class will be coming to the United Kingdom in right hand drive form for the very first time, as the previous model was only available in left hand drive. The Mercedes C-Class will also be exclusively sold in China in long wheelbase form, with the platform also being available for models in the future. The Mercedes C Class over the years has certainly proven to be an ideal rival for the likes of, the Audi A4, the BMW 3 series and the Lexus IS model.


The future for Mercedes and competion with rival BMW


In the meantime, the successful Formula 1 team from Mercedes will be playing a much more active role in the development of road cars. The SLS full electric model was built in the Brixworth Formula 1 factory and Weber said that the team will be playing a big role in the future.


If you are a fan of BMW there has been plenty of news this week regarding new models and plans for the company, if you are looking for your brand new BMW, then it could be your year as there appears to be a number of interesting new models from the company, with something for everyone.