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Here at Shortfall today we are focusing on some of the latest in vehicle launches to make their way to us here in the UK. We are also taking a look into some of the finest models badged under a 2015 plate that could be set to make an impact on the market from the time of their arrivals. We have five manufacturers on our list today who have caught our attention this week and we think that all of the vehicles listed here today will provide some heated competition against other manufactures on the market. So beginning our list today comes to us the brand new Mazda 2 model for 2015.


The Mazda 2 2015

The brand new Mazda 2 will arrive on the road from March of next year and will bring the fight to other vehicles in the supermini segment. The 2 has brought a lot of excitement to the supermini division over the years but are we in for much of the same with the 2015 model?. Judging by what we know about the vehicle we would certainly think so. Mazda have confirmed that their SKYACTIV technology will take its place in the vehicle and the most popular engine choice to become available from the time of launch is expected to be the 1.5 litre model. This will see a good steady output of 89bhp with a top speed of 114 miles per hour making its presence felt. A front wheel drive platform is what the car runs on and we see it make the break from 0 to 62 miles per hour in 9.4 seconds. There are of course different trim levels that Mazda will sell the car in but the best value for money we believe to be the mid level SE-L model. This sees 16 inch alloy wheels and LED lighting as just two of the main highlights. If you do opt for the mid level trim or higher Sport model you can expect to find a seven inch touchscreen take a place inside the vehicle too. The likes of the Ford Fiesta and the Hyundai i20 are highly considered to be be two of the biggest challenges that the Mazda 2 will face upon its arrival. A cost of £13,995 is also brought in for the mid level trim.


Prices announced for the Volkswagen Polo GTI

Some of the latest Volkswagen news making itself known this week has been the announcement of the prices that have been confirmed for the all new Polo GTI. The new model will make its first set of deliveries in March and VW have this week announced a purchase price from £18,850. Only one engine is to be offered across the various trim levels with that being a turbocharged 1.8 litre unit. Power of 189bhp will also take place with all variants. This means an 12bhp increase compared to the current generation Polo.£18,850 is the cost of a three door entry level model but if you prefer something more state of the art you may be better opting for the range topper which is available for as low as £20,725. A manual gearbox comes as standard but costumers will also be faced with the option of a DSG transmission which adds £1,245 to the bill. A sports pack is also up for grabs for an additional cost which sees vast improvements to the control of the chassis. The likes of the ST range from Ford with their Fiesta could have some competition on their hands upon the arrival of the Polo GTI. We are looking forward to the cars arrival next March.


Ford Mondeo Estate 2015 has gone on sale

Well it has finally arrived. After being revealed earlier this year, American auto maker Ford have officially put their estate version of the new Mondeo range for 2015 on sale in Britain. The estate version comes as another addition to the new range which is also joined by a new hybrid variant. There are three engines available with the car which all consist of the firms Ecoboost line up. We have both a one and two litre available and a special turbocharged 1.5 variant too which is expected to be one of the more popular choices on the market. The 1.5 litre turbocharged unit is said to be perform very efficiently and a 9.3 second break to the 62 miles per hour mark proves this. A top speed of 135mph and power deliverance of 158bhp also help the car on its path to success. As standard a six speed manual gearbox is handed out with the Mondeo estate and power is sent and ran on both front wheels. The Mondeo estate comes with White leather seating with the door sills to match. Chrome trimmings also surround the spokes on the steering wheel,air conditioning in the centre console and the gear selector. The new Passat from long time rival VW has just released and also sees an estate version come to the road. So does the Mondeo estate have what it takes to match up with the new Passat?. Let us know which you prefer by visiting us via social media.


The BMW 1 Series Sport

BMW have undergone many transformations over the duration of the past year and one of the cars that has received the full benefit of these changes has been the 1 Series Sport model. The new model focuses on some good power output and an all round comfortable driving experience that will leave you wanting more. The 1 Series is one of the companies most popular choices of vehicle and this latest model that has been launched is hoped to maintain this standard level of success for the range. Minor changes have been brought into play inside of the car with generosity much the word when it comes to standard pieces of kit. The engine has been carried over but does receive a slight tweak in power output. The 114d which is the standard entry level 1 Series engine is fitted with a 1.6 litre diesel unit but 116, 118 and 120d models receive the power changes with the 2.0 diesel. With a look into the added equipment which comes as standard across all levels of the car, we see that BMW have added 17 inch alloys,Bluetooth, a 6.5 inch colour touchscreen,a sat nav and heated front seating. Definitely good value for money in our opinion. The grille,mirrors and front bumpers are the main altered changes of the car from the exterior view. Before you buy any hatchback vehicle this year or next, we would highly recommend taking a look at the 1 Series Sport before any other.


The Ford Focus goes all Ecoboost

Next on the agenda sees the return of the Ford brand to our list today as we see the arrival of the Ford Focus model for 2015 fitted with a 1.5 litre Ecoboost engine. The Ecoboost range from Ford are proving to be very successful in their line up. They have focused heavily on CO2 emissions with this range and overall efficiency much in the same way that Mazda have done with their SKYACTIV technology. So what better way to make a name for the Ecoboost range than by adding it to one of their most popular vehicles ever, the Focus. The new engine has been brought in as a direct replacement for the 1.6 litre,engine which is traditionally found in the Zetec S trim levels. It is proving to be a lot more efficient than its predecessor by retiring just 127g/km C02 emissions. Ford now offer more updates with this variant of the Focus for 2015 and a good range of technology in the car for the cost. Technical tweaks to the motor include a better performing suspension system,an all new set of dampers and the general stability of the car has also been vastly improved upon. Technology and equipment wise, Bluetooth,climate control,an eight inch screen and Fords new voice recognition software is also thrown in. A traffic alert and active city stop system also help the Focus out when it comes to reading the road and providing you as the driver with much more assistance than previous additions. The price of a new Focus with these features now coming as standard comes in at £21,885 and can be bought at your nearest Ford showroom right now.


The Audi TT Sportback concept model for the future?

It was in Paris France earlier this year that we got our first glimpse of the all new TT Sportback concept machine from Audi. Without a doubt, the TT range is one of the key influences on the success that the firm has achieved over the years and still continues to be even to this day. It was earlier in the year that we seen Audi release their new generation of TT model. So where does the TT Sportback come into play?. Well this concept design is a four door version the TT and comes in Coupe form. Audi have decided to test the waters a little with the concept machine by introducing some new changes to all aspects of the car including carrying over some of the more traditional features that we know and love from the TT. With a quick look power and performance wise, we see the fitting of a two litre, four cylinder turbo engine hitting a limitation of 155 mph and producing 394bhp. A seven speed,automatic transmission system was revealed as standard at the Paris auto show alongside the news that the car will run on a four wheel drive platform. New seats are added to the back end of the car,a lot more space is offered and a longer sloped roofline are just a touch on some new differences. A white leather interior has been introduced for both the front and back seating area with the door sills also matching. Chrome surroundings also appear around the gearstick with minor fittings of Black leather too. Audi are yet to comment any further on whether the new concept can be expected to reach production in the future or even at what cost it were to come in at if it did.