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Today here at Shortfall we are casting our attention to the Mercedes and brand and one of their latest launched vehicles to be made available here in the UK and across other parts of the world. Our focus today is aimed at the new B220 CDI 4MATIC model. The B class range has always been a popular choice amongst customers around the world and has proven to be one of the best sellers from the brand.


The very first B Class model was brought into play back in 2005 and has received some special edition models over this time. This new addition though is a part of the Mercedes MPV (multi purpose vehicle) line up and in our opinion offers some great value for money features that could potentially be what gives this car that added bit of edge over some competing vehicles on the market which have challenged the B Class range in the past such as the Volkswagen Golf amongst others.


Does the new B220 CDI 4MATIC offer good value for money?

So what kind of features can you expect to receive with the new B220 model as standard? A good range of power and comfort was taken into consideration by the brand during the design process for the vehicle and this has been demonstrated perfectly with the engine choice that the company have included. We see that as standard for this particular model, Mercedes have included the welcome addition of a 2.1 litre diesel engine. If you take this into consideration with the seven speed automatic transmission system that has been included, we see that the B220 CDI 4MATIC can reach an overall top speed of 137 miles per hour which is helped to reach this destination by the time in which it takes the car to make the sprint from 0 to 62 miles per hour. We see that this is made achievable in an overall time of 8.3 seconds.


A brake horse power deliverance of 175bhp and torque development of 350NM also comes along with the car. Amongst the engine line up also comes other options for you to choose from which include two 1.6 litre petrol engines which have power output of 120bhp and 154bhp. The 2.1 litre diesel model is expected to be the big seller amongst the range though.


Shifting our attention to the interior of the car and some changes that have been made compared to that of the firms predecessor,we see that the built in multimedia screen has now been increased to eight inches overall. A Red and Black leather interior, a multi functioning steering wheel and the instrument dials are now available in a choice of twelve different colour schemes.


There are three different trim levels offered with the B220 overall which include SE as the entry level, Sport and AMG Sport. Features such as iphone connectivity and a built in reversing camera are as standard with the SE whilst if we focus on the highest spec level, we see that the German automaker have included things such as seventeen inch wheels and an AMG bodywork design.


In regards to the amount of space that you receive with the B220, we see competition coming its way from the likes of the Ford C-Max and the 2 series from rival company BMW as the B220 now receives a lot more space than its predecessors.


How much have Mercedes put the B220 CDI 4MATIC on sale for?

Before we jump into the price tag that comes along with the car, we are delighted to inform you of the good news that this vehicle is on sale right now and can be bought from your local Mercedes dealer. Looking into what you can expect the car to cost you, expect to hand over a sum of £21,445 for the entry level model with prices rising depending on trim level chosen.