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Mercedes S65 AMG


German car manufacturer Mercedes have always been one of the worlds leaders on both the new and second hand car markets over the years. We have seen them go on to have much success with vehicles such as the SLK and the C Class. Company competition comes from the likes of BMW amongst others and given this brand new model that will officially go on sale around the world the S65 AMG Coupe, we believe the challenge is still very much on.


Mercedes have always been well known for being able to take comfort, power and advancements in technology and combing them perfectly to deliver on some of the most up to date vehicles available around the world. What does the S65 AMG Coupe model have to offer you though and why should you choose it over anything else available on the market right now?


Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe Features


What is it that has been done to this brand new addition to the Mercedes family during it's time in the manufacturing process that could potentially leave you wanting more? Well with a look into the power side of things first and foremost. We see that Mercedes have included a 6.0 litre, Twin turbo, V8 engine which will develop a strong 1,000NM of Torque and a total power output of 621 brake horsepower. This model makes its way to you in the form of a rear wheel drive variant which also helps this car out when it comes to quick sprint time of only 4.1 seconds. Top speeds for the S65 AMG Coupe are limited to 155 miles per hour.


Some nice new features and added pieces of equipment to come along with this model also include the likes of 16 spoke 20 inch alloy wheels, a much larger rear diffuser, an all new heads up display, nappa leather upholstery and climate control also comes along as part of the package too.


How much will a brand new Mercedes S65 AMG Coupe set you back?

The model has been stated to go on sale from some point towards the end of this year with an exact date still yet to be confirmed officially. In regards to a price tag that will come along with this car, expect to own a brand new S65 AMG Coupe from a starting cost around the £185,000 area.