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The car industry welcomes in the 4 series Gran Coupe from BMW

The car world has once again been shook up by the arrival of the all new 4 series Gran Coupe model from German manufacturer BMW. This vehicle has just launched on UK roads and across other various countries world wide also. For many years BMW have been one of the prime time car dealers around the world and we have seen them have much success in the past with vehicles such as the likes of the i3 and the M5.


The new car market is constantly evolving as the months go by and many manufacturers have had to adapt to the modern day technology we expect to see as standard. BMW in our minds have adapted to the change very well and we see this as a prime demonstration with the all new 4 series Gran Coupe model. Rival companies in the past for BMW and some of their vehicles have included the likes of Audi and Mercedes and judging by what we know about this brand new addition to the BMW range so far, we think this is very much the case once more.


What has made it into the BMW 4 series Gran Coupe?


So what has made it into this vehicle during it's time in the manufacturing process to help it stand out and make an impact this year and into the future of the car industry? Well firstly if we take a look underneath the bonnet and what it is that makes this car tick, we see the inclusion of a 2.0 litre, four cylinder, turbo engine that allows this car to reach a top speed put out of 142 miles per hour. A 7.5 second dash to 62 miles per hour also helps this top speed be achieved. The overall power output of the car rolls in at 184 brake horse power and we see this model made available as a four wheel drive variant. An eight speed,automatic transmission system also comes pre fitted to the BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe model.


A set of 18 inch alloy wheels and an all new M sport body kit also finds it's way to this particular model.


What's the cost of a brand new BMW 4 Series Gran Coupe model?


Before we jump into the price tag that comes along with this particular model, we are pleased to report that this model can be purchased right now from your local BMW dealer. Now in terms of how much you can expect this new car to set you back, expect to make the purchase on this particular model for a total cost of £37,975.

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