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Audi to launch there brand new A3 e-tron EV next month

In some exciting news today coming from the combination of the world of EV models and the German manufacturer Audi, we are pleased to report on the upcoming launch of the all new A3 e-tron model which is all set to go on sale here in Europe from next year.


The A3 standard model is one of the companies biggest selling machines available on the market right now and it has achieved much success over the years that has helped them out when it comes to competition from the likes of Mercedes and BMW. This all new model though is the manufacturers very first electronic model to go on sale and we believe that this all new addition to the line up could very well prove to be one of the best yet.


What will the Audi A3 e-tron have to offer?

So what has made into the production time of this particular model to help it stand out and make an impact next month when it is released around the world?

Well if we take a look at what powers this EV model, we see the inclusion of a 1.4 litre, four cylinder turbo engine that is also joined along side by not one but two electric motors. Overall between the motors and the engine we see a grand total of 201 brake horse power produced. A six speed, e-s tronic transmission makes the cut with the new e-tron model and it will be made available next month as a front wheel drive variant only. A top speed of 137 miles per hour has been put on record with the 7.6 second sprint time helping it achieve this target.


Could this all new Audi electric model prove to be a front runner on the EV market also?


How much will the Audi A3 e-tron sell for?

The official price tag for a brand new version of this Audi EV is set to come in at a cost of £34,950 and we are pleased to deliver you the good news that this particular model will go on sale from next month.