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The Mercedes S Class Coupe, is it the best yet?

Is the S Class one of the finest if not the finest models to ever be released by German manufacturer Mercedes?


It ranks high up amongst the likes of the C Class and the SLK from the same manufacturer and even holds the edge over some rival competition from BMW and Audi. Over the years we have seen the S Class become one of the most recognisable vehicles on offer around the world from the company and it is certainly a household name.


Coupe models from brands all around the world, some of the comfiest and most efficient vehicles to be made available in Europe. Now the Mercedes brand with the S Class and Coupe line ups come head to head and the result is the S Class Coupe.


The specialities of the Mercedes S Class coupe

What makes these two perfect combinations something to be desired? Well a good split share of comfort and power makes for a remarkable experience. We see the power aspect come into play via a 5.5 litre, biturbo V8 engine which helps the vehicle make the 0 to 62 miles per hour sprint in an overall time of only 4.3 seconds. An upgraded suspension and braking system also come along with the S Class coupe helping it out as a smooth all round driving experience.


Some other features which come along with this Coupe model also include the likes of a glass panoramic sunroof,an all new spoiler,forged alloy wheels and a brand new bodykit also comes along with this addition to the Mercedes S Class line up. Therefore helping this car provide some top class competition for the likes of other companies such as Porsche and Jaguar.


When does the Mercedes S Class coupe become available?

November of this year is when the brand new S Class coupe model goes on sale officially and if you're looking to make the purchase on one of these models, expect to own one of these beautiful cars for a cost around the £100,000 price area.