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If you are a bit upset that the Mercedes Benz SLS AMG isn't in production any more, then don't be. There is a brand new hot model in town.

The first pictures have been released across the internet of the Mercedes AMG GT 2015, a brand new sports car from the German Giant that will be going up against the Porsche 911, following it's 2014 Paris Motor Show debut.


How is the Mercedes AMG GT looking so far?

The teaser shots of the model show a long bonnet, a fastback style tapered rear end and an upright windscreen, which suggests that the AMG GT model could sport a hatchback that will improve on touring ability long distance and improve on boot space. It certainly looks the part and will certainly deliver from it's initial visual impact.


The engine is the heart of any sports car, especially an AMG and Mercedes has confirmed already that it'll be a V8, though whether it will be turbo charged and exactly what capacity isn't known as of yet.


500 brake horsepower at least should be expected, with the motive force for the vehicle being delivered by a downsized twin turbo 4.0 litre unit that is based on two four cylinder 2.0 litre turbo petrol engines from Mercedes A45 AMG models both joined together. With that in mind, there is a strong possibility that this Mercedes model will prove to be the ideal rival for the likes of, BMW and Audi.


How are the performance rates of the Mercedes AMG GT looking?


In true fashion of the AMG, drive will be sent to the rear wheels of the car by a dual clutch seven speed gearbox, which is similar to the one in the A45 model, with the sprint from 0-62 miles per hour taking under 4 seconds. Though a four wheel drive option in time shouldn't be ruled out.


The name is very interesting aswell, rather than being called the expected Mercedes-Benz AMG GT, this new model is the first that will be branded Mercedes-AMG.


The model will be going on sale at the beginning of 2015 after it's public debut at the 2014 Paris Motor Show this September, though there is no information as of yet on price, it can be expected that the Mercedes-AMG GT will cost around £100,000 when it comes to market.