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The Vauxhall name is one of the most recognised all around the world in the automotive industry and in 2015 the brand are introducing a range of brand new vehicles onto the market. Amongst this range is the addition of a brand new Astra model. Although a launch date is to to be confirmed for this new addition as of yet, it is believed that our first official look at the car will happen late on into next year.


The Astra has been one of the firms most popular and biggest selling vehicles ever since the first generation model went on sale from 1979. There has been six generations of the car go on sale in total since this date with the latest arriving in 2010. It has proven to be a popular choice amongst drivers especially when it comes to taking on other vehicles such as the Ford Focus which has delivered on some excellent competition for the car over the years. Now though the brand are focusing on making the car more lightweight than ever before and are set to focus on other areas of the car with hopes of increasing sales figures even further and solidifying their place on the market in this day and age.


What areas have been focused on with the new Astra?

So with a look into some of the areas of the car that have been focused on this time around, the brand are aiming to add more lightweight materials to the bodywork of the vehicle which will help it out drastically when it comes to weight reduction compared to that of the current model on the market. Some brand new changes to the exterior design of the car have also been confirmed thanks to images that were revealed of how the new model will look earlier on in the year. A much larger front grille and a brand new set of slim headlights can be seen from these images. A sloping roofline linking with the bonnet have also been confirmed for the car.


There were images revealed also which show just how the new interior of the car will look which includes a larger centre screen than ever before and this all rests above a neater and tidy looking centre console. Other features regarding the interior of the car are yet to be revealed but we expect to hear more on this matter regarding some brand new features when the car is officially revealed. It is confirmed though that the British firm are looking to increase the overall length of the car too which will therefore result in much better leg and head room for both the driver and passengers also.


So far we expect to see the additions of three engine units which will include both the 1.6 litre petrol and diesel engines which will be carried over from the current model. Tweaks are also expected to be made to these units. The big news here though concerning the engine line up is that a brand new 1.0 litre, three cylinder engine is expected to arrive with a 114 brake horse power deliverance. If this is proven to be the case, Fords new Ecoboost engine line up could be seen as some prime competition for this particular model.


Will the new Astra be the biggest and best yet?

There have been many variations of the Astra go on sale over the years which have proven to be very reliable vehicles. The vehicle is commonly used by the police force here in the United Kingdom due to their reliability. Does this brand new addition to the Astra family have what it takes to be the biggest and best one yet though and will it make an impact when it is to arrive on the road?