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In some of the latest in vehicle launch news today, the weekend has provided us with some exciting news from the German car brand Volkswagen who have officially announced the brand new Passat GTE model which sees an official return of 141mpg. The vehicle has been confirmed by the mass manufacturer to be a plug in hybrid model and is expected to reach our streets next year.


Both saloon and estate vehicles have been confirmed to be two of the body designs that the car will be offered in and it will be a variation of the current eighth generation Passat that is available on our roads right now. The Passat has a long and prestigious history with the VW firm as the very first life cycle for the car was begun in 1973 and has since been one of the most driven vehicles by drivers looking for a family vehicle.


What will the new Volkswagen Passat hybrid have to offer you?

The hybrid sector of the modern day car industry is vastly increasing as the years go by and we have already seen some of the worlds biggest manufacturers including Audi and Honda produce some big selling additions to the range. Now with Volkswagen introducing the Passat GTE this marks the third EV in the line up for the brand with the Golf GTE and the XL1 being the first two. With a return of 141mpg, this could be the answer that the French Government have been looking for when they put a challenge out for a production vehicle which emits 141mpg. Other brands like Renault responded to the challenge with their Eolab concept machine as have Peugeot with the Quartz hybrid SUV.


This vehicle will presumably be the first of the 141mpg vehicles to see a release as the others are just concept ideas at this moment in time. A 1.4 litre,turbo charged petrol unit will be included with the GTE model which will see 154 brake horse power delivered. This of course will be joined alongside by the electric motor which is powered by the 9.9 Kwh battery that is included. A total deliverance of 215 is achieved with the engine and motor both being taken into consideration. A six speed dual clutch,automatic gearbox has also been confirmed to come along as part of the package.


Volkswagen have confirmed that from just electric power alone, the car will travel a total distance of 31 miles but if taken into use with the engine too, will see 622 covered before needing a recharge and a refill. There are some changes than can be easily noticed with the new hybrid Passat which did not come with past additions to the range and we see these come in the manner of LED daytime running lights, a redesigned front bumper, GTE decals, a leather flat bottomed steering wheel and a set of 17 inch alloy wheels also polish of the neat looks of the new Passat GTE.


When will the Passat GTE be revealed officially?

It has been confirmed that the Volkswagen brand will officially put the brand new Passat GTE on full display this week at the Paris motor show with an expected on sale date due to come in at the second half of next year. Prices are yet to be confirmed for Volkswagen's new hybrid Passat but we we may hear more on this this week at the Motor show or closer to the official time of sale.