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Renault to reveal a new hybrid concept at the Paris motor show

French car manufacturer Renault are all set to reveal their brand new Hybrid concept vehicle next month live from the Paris motor show. The vehicle is known as the Eolab concept and is set to be the first step into the future of hybrid vehicles for Renault for the course of the next ten years. 22G/km of C02 emissions are stated to be produced by the Eolab and it has been said by the Renault brand that the car will average out at around 282mpg.


Much work has been done to the car which include decreasing the weight of the vehicle overall and developing a much more dynamic experience than the majority of hybrid vehicles on the market right now deliver on. So what do we know at this point in time about the car and what will Renault show off at the Paris motor show?


The new features and technical specifications of the Renault Eolab concept

So in regards to the new engine range that has been fitted to the hybrid concept, it has been confirmed by Renault that the brand will include the fitting of a 1.0 litre,three cylinder petrol engine with the car which produces 74 brake horse power and the electric motor that runs alongside it. It has been confirmed that using just electricity alone, the car hybrid Eolab will get a distance of around 37 miles before the engine kicks in and the battery needs a recharge.


A three speed clutchless transmission system will also make its presence felt in the concept model and the car will make its way to you as a front wheel drive variant. The first two speeds of the car are linked to the electric motor but when you reach the third speed that is when the engine will kick in. 19 inch carbon wheels are also fitted to the Eolab as are the Michelin tyres.


With so many hybrid vehicles making their presence felt around the globe right now, can the Eolab concept prove to be just as strong on the market alongside vehicles such as the Nissan Leaf and the hybrid vehicle range from BMW?


When can you expect to see more of the Renault Eolab concept?


It has been confirmed that the car will be officially revealed to the general public live from the Paris motor show. The vehicle will be displayed in two different formats which will consist of the cars technology being shown in great detail and the other display will be for a design study on the car.  

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