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We have some news today regarding the production of a brand new vehicle from Swedish manufacturer Volvo who are all set to produce their brand new S90 model. The vehicle is expected to reach our roads from 2016 onwards and is being aimed at the 5 series from the BMW brand as far as competition for the vehicle is concerned. It is uncertain at this moment in time as to what the power and performance rates are going to be like as far as the engine line up goes. An image of the vehicle showing what the car is expected to look like has been released though which shows of some new features included as far as styling and design is concerned.


What can be seen from the image of the S90?


In regards to some of those new pieces of equipment that will come fitted to the brand new S90, from the images that were revealed,we can see that Volvo have included the fitting of sculpted headlights,horizontal LED lighting and a brand new bold front grille. One of the main priorities for Volvo with the S90 is fuel emissions which are to be vastly improved with the S90. As we stated earlier, the engine range is unknown at this point in time but we do expect the car to receive a range of both petrol and diesel units which are expected to be Drive E four cylinder units.


Although not confirmed at this point in time, it is also expected that a hybrid version of the car will also come as an option when the vehicle is officially launched. Some of the features have been confirmed for the interior of the car however which will include the same Nappa leather seats that are used in the upcoming XC90 model and a crystal gear selector has also been confirmed for the car.


The likes of the Audi A6 can be used in comparison to the S90 as we see it so far which means the A6 could bring some great competition as far as the fuel emissions are concerned. Other manufacturers on the market such as Lexus and Mercedes could come into play too when it comes to challenging the Volvo S90.


What price tag can you expect the Volvo S90 to arrive with?


It is believed that when this brand new S90 goes on sale,it will come along with a price tag of somewhere around the £30,000 area and it is expected to go on sale from sometime throughout the course of 2016.