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New Nissan Z - McLaren Honda Engines - Infiniti Q30 Spied


Nissan have recently revealed that they are to downgrade some of the engine sizes in some of their future models in hopes of making their cars more agile and lightweight than previous models. The companies Z range is a possible division that could be affected by this reduction. The popular 370Z Nismo from the firm is one of the sportiest cars that the company has on offer and it is expected that the car will be replaced in the future.


The current 370Z model features a V6 engine but the company have been using new turbocharged smaller sized engines in some models as of late. This does bring us to the point as to whether the replacement for the Nismo will use these engines too or incorporate new technology?


Nissan have commented on the replacement vehicle in the past and have said that we may see several engine options in the vehicles replacement in the future. Nothing has been confirmed regarding the new vehicle as of yet but keep an eye out in the future for an announcement on the issue.


McLaren turn down engines from Honda

McLaren have stated that they have turned down an offer from the Honda brand for new engines for the 2015 Formula 1 season. Both companies will have a joint partnership in Formula one for 2015 with their models but the engine range from Honda will not be used. McLarens director of global sales and marketing Joylon Nash commented on the matter and stated that “It wont happen. I mean that in the nicest way, as we are an independent company, we produce pure McLarens”. Honda and McLaren were in joint partnership in Formula one during the eighties and achieved unprecedented success during their time together. Do you think that McLaren Formula 1 models could benefit from Honda engines?


The Infiniti Q30 is spied ahead of a 2016 launch

Infiniti are to launch a brand new Q30 model onto our roads in two years time and today the vehicle has been spied undergoing some testing. The car was first shown as a concept vehicle from the Frankfurt motor show in Germany just last year and now that official images have been sighted, we know that the car will arrive in 2016.A vast range of four cylinder engines are expected to be offered across the range with diesel units believed to be offered in certain countries.


The motor is expected to be a huge seller in the United States but the firm are also looking for some great success here on European markets too. It has been confirmed that production on this car will begin from mid way through next year ahead of its launch in 2016. It is also expected that the car will be revealed in production format for the first time ever early on into next year.