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The Infiniti Q80 Inspiration concept to make it into production

The year 2020 is just six short years away and it could prove to be an influential year in the future of the automotive industry as just last week at the Paris Motor show, the luxury Infiniti brand who are also owned by the Nissan brand officially revealed their brand new Q80 Inspiration concept model and have stated that they plan to have the vehicle officially on the road in time for the year 2020.


The vehicle itself was displayed in Paris last week and will come to you in the shape and form of a brand new four door coupe model. During the reveal of the car, the brand behind the idea officially confirmed some of the brand new specifications that will come along with the car and some details regarding some of the highlight points of the vehicle overall.


The key selling points to come along with the Infiniti Q80 Inspiration

The vehicle itself is officially confirmed to come along with wide measurements which sees a length of 5,052mm in length and 2,027mm in width. Therefore one of the big selling points for the Q80 would definitely come into play as the amount of space to be made available with the car. The vehicle itself has been confirmed to come along as a hybrid model and it will see the introduction of a twin turbo, 3.0 litre V6 petrol unit. The engine alone has been confirmed to give out a power deliverance of 450 brake horse power and will of course be joined alongside by an electric motor.


A nine speed gearbox will find a place in the car and an adaptive transmission system will also come into play which will allow the vehicle to switch to all wheel drive varying on the road surface you are driving on.


In terms of some of the eye catching features that will come along with the Q80, we see that the body and design structure of the car is very sleek and dynamic. A sloping panoramic roof merges in at both front and rear ends of the car and is joined by LED lighting and a brand new front grille. In an interesting note, the car was displayed with no door handles or wing mirrors which certainly help the car out when it comes to a sleek dynamic look but the brand are yet to comment on this matter.


Whether you look at the overall power to be produced from the car or even its design features, the Q80 Inspiration is set to be one of the biggest contenders on the market going up against the likes of the Porsche Panamera and the BMW 6 series.


Infiniti to introduce new technology in the build up to the Q80

Not only did Infiniti reveal the new Q80 Inspiration concept model, the manufacturer also confirmed that within the next two years, they are planning on introducing double the amount of engine ranges that they currently have on offer today with even more expected within five years time. There is no word yet on a price tag that would join the Q80 Inspiration but the vehicle is aimed to be launched by the year 2020 with around ninety percent of the vehicle being set to make the production line as stated by Infiniti themselves.