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Volkswagen Golf R - Tokyo Auto Salon - Ford on Google


A recent look into the annual trends report from Google has revealed that American auto maker Ford were their most searched car brand via the search engine for this year. The majority of customers searching via the Ford keyword were looking for either the F-Series model or the new Mustang. Jeep took the second place spot whilst Dodge came roaring in at third. Other companies such as BMW, Nissan and Honda also made the list but were surprisingly in the second half of the top ten line up. General Motors also made the list in the fifth place position beating a lot of top companies in the rankings.


Orders on the Volkswagen Golf R opening soon


Exciting news coming from Volkswagen today is that the all new Golf R model will be officially made available for pre ordering from the 8th of January. On this day only five hundred units will be available to pre order but in the United States only. The car will however be launched across other countries including the UK later into 2015. Buyers of the first five hundred models in America will also receive some neat features with their car which include a certificate stating they claimed one of the first five hundred models, a keychain made from stainless steel and carbon fibre and they will also receive a Volkswagen watch.


The bigger deal are the features that actually come fitted to the car though. There's a turbocharged two litre engine to be found underneath the bonnet and six speed dual clutch transmission is offered with the car as standard. Some neat pieces of technology being included with the Golf R include LED daytime running lights, bi xenon headlights, adaptive dampers, parking sensors and a brand new stereo system made by the Fender company.


VW have confirmed that the price to come along with the new hatch comes in at $39,090 in America which converts to around £25,198 here in the UK. We expect that the cost may climb slightly here in the UK though. For the American market to place their interest in the vehicle they have been advised that they only have to pay a deposit of $500 which then goes on to come of the purchase price of the vehicle from launch. Volkswagen have not commented on whether it will be the same here in Europe.


Mazda reveal their line up for Tokyo

Mazda have revealed the range of cars that they will be bringing with them to the Tokyo Auto salon event in Japan. The Auto Salon is Japan's equivalent to some big motoring events on the calendar such as the Paris auto show and Detroit and Mazda in their home country are looking to take the top position as the manufacturer to keep a look out for at the event. With the list of cars announced that they will be bringing with them to the event, we think that they have a good chance of doing exactly that.


Both a revised Mazda 2 and Mazda 3 will be on display and both models will be made available in both hatchback and sedan variants. Both the Mazda 6 and CX5 revised models which were revealed in Los Angeles will also be on display. The big vehicle that Mazda are looking to gain attention from though is a brand new concept machine called the CX-3 Racing concept. This model was also shown in LA earlier in the year but we expect to hear more on the car from the Tokyo Auto Salon which takes place from the 9th to the 11th of January.