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Volkswagen Scirocco R


German car manufacturer Volkswagen are one of the most well established car companies around the world today. We have seen them make an impact and leave their mark on both brand new and second hand car markets over the years.


Some vehicle additions such as the Passat and the Golf have helped the mass manufacturer along when it comes to top flight competition for other brands such as the American Ford company amongst many more. Today though we aim our line of sight towards a recently launched variation of the Scirocco model which is available to purchase right now and it comes to you in the form of the Scirocco R.


The Scirocco model was first introduced to the world in 1974 and has now achieved levels of success much more than was ever thought. Can this new variation of the model prove to be as much of a keen seller for customers though as it's older brother?


What features have Volkswagen focused on for the Scirocco R?

So what changes and tweaks make their way to this particular addition to the Volkswagen family that could help it maintain as a strong source of competition for the likes of the TT vehicle from Audi and the RCZ from French manufacturer Peugeot?


Well both power and features receive upgrades and tweaks here, so to start lets have a look at what makes this engine tick. We firstly see that this model comes fully fitted with a 2.0 litre, four cylinder, turbo engine that helps the Scirocco R produce a total of 276 brake horse power and is joined along side by the inclusion of a six speed DSG automatic transmission system. This all helps benefit the car when it comes to all round top speeds as we see the Scirocco R reach a total top speed of 155 miles per hour. This top speed limit is helped along by the 0 to 62 miles per hour sprint time which occurs in just 5.5 seconds. All power for the car is also directed by the front wheels.


Now some other pieces of equipment also make their way into the Scirocco R model which could help it out. We see that some of these features include the likes of 19 inch alloy wheels, Bi xenon headlights, Leather sports seats, a leather steering wheel,Bluetooth and air conditioning as standard.


What does the Volkswagen Scirocco R cost?

The official cost that comes along with the Scirocco R officially comes in at £33,795 and we are pleased to deliver on some more good news that this specific model is available for purchase right now from selected Volkswagen dealerships across the country.