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The Volkswagen Passat Executive estate model goes on sale

The Volkswagen company are one of the worlds leading brands when it comes to both the new and used car industries. They have achieved much success over the years thanks to models such as the Polo and the Scirocco. Today though we are focusing all of our attention to a new variant of the Passat model which has recently been set free onto our roads and it comes in the form of an estate variant.


The Estate market is quickly becoming one of the more keen choices when it comes to purchasing car. We have seen this prove to be the case with companies such as Citroen with the C4 and other brand such as Vauxhall. So what is it that this new Passat estate model consists of that could potentially tempt you into make the decision to purchase one of these models over anything similar on offer from other competitors?


The new features and specialities of the Volkswagen Passat estate

So during the production time on this specific variant of the Passat, we have seen some engine changes and additional pieces of equipment get thrown into the mix. So with a look at what makes this car go and some overall performance rates, lets take a look into the engine. We see that Volkswagen have decided to go with a 2.0 litre, four cylinder, turbo diesel engine that develops a total of 138 brake horse power and is capable of hitting out at top speeds of 129 miles per hour. This is helped reach it's destination via a sprint time from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just a time of ten seconds flat. For this four wheel drive model, a six speed dual clutch, transmission system comes as standard.


Now as for some of those additional pieces of equipment we were talking about, we see the inclusions of a dual zone climate control system, automatic lights and a cruise control system. Heated fully leather upholstery is also what the interior of the Passat estate benefits from.


What's the purchase price of the Volkswagen Passat estate?

The official price tag to come along with this Passat estate model rolls in at £27,960 and we are excited to deliver on some more good news that you can drive away from your local Volkswagen showroom as a proud owner of one of these models right now.  

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