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Volkswagen T Roc


Volkswagen are set to unveil a brand new Concept model to plug the gap between the Up! Based Tiguan model. The SUV range of models has become one of the most in demand markets in the automotive markets as a number of brands have expressed interest.


Volkswagen owned Porsche, have also expressed a desire to further invest in the SUV market due to an increase in sales and market share. Bentley have recently authorised an SUV model for production which should arrive in the UK car market by 2016.


We have also seen the British based brand Jaguar dominate headlines at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September after releasing a new Baby Jaguar SUV model. Aston Martin have also declared an interest in building a new SUV model.


The Crossover market along with the larger SUV market has thrived in the last number of years as the 4x4 luxury market seems to be the ideal option for the family. The Crossover market has been on the increase since the first Nissan Juke and Qashqai models were sold in the UK.


Other manufacturers such as Volkswagen had been forced to take note of the success achieved by the crossover models and responded with a model of their own. Vauxhall and Ford have responded with the Mokka and the EcoSport respectively whilst the Volkswagen brand decided to delay the production of a crossover model due to the success of the Tiguan range of models that had already been on sale.


The Crossover market and Volkswagen


However, the German mass market manufacturer are set to release a brand new Volkswagen CrossPolo model, which as you may have guessed, is a crossover model based on the successful Polo hatchback.


The new T Roc model at VW will give the firm a much needed rival for the larger crossover SUV model such as the Qashqai and the Vauxhall Mokka. Another model that has achieved very reputable sales figures and may well be up against the new VW T Roc model in the market, the Dacia Duster.


The Dacia brand has achieved a considerable amount of sales and market share in the German market and Volkswagen will be looking to rival the model with the T Roc and Crossover Polo.