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Volvo & Tesla in Detroit - New Revised Mercedes A Class


Volvo have just reported their best year ever as far as sales are concerned for the 2014 year and even more news announced just last week shows that Volvo are bringing the S60 in as their next addition to their Cross Country line up. Today though the firm have officially put the new car on display from the big car event in the Motor City of Detroit and they have demonstrated some of the new changes that they have spoken off to come along with the newly revised S60.


With a look at just how well the vehicle is looking, we see that the vehicle is now higher than the standard S60 and it has also been made wider resulting in more interior space. Both four and front wheel drive platforms are available for the vehicle and the Swedish company responsible for the new XC90 have also confirmed that they are to include a two litre diesel engine for front wheel drive models but if you are deciding that the four wheel drive option may be more for you then a 2.4 litre engine is included.


The 2.4 diesel unit could be expected to be the most popular choice as it is the same engine that is featured in the firms XC60 model and has proven to be one of the biggest sellers for Volvo in 2014. The S60 now joins the range of Cross Country vehicles on offer and could be a move that brings even more purchases Volvo's way this year.


Tesla give the Model S a new look for the Motor City


Tesla have included a more updated version of their electric Model S and have displayed the vehicle on a standard from the big Detroit event today. The updated version of the Model S has been given the name of the P85D and focus more on overall power than what the standard Model S does. There are minor features which help you to tell this and the standard Model S apart just from looking at it and these are a carbon fibre made spoiler and a darker tint on the wheels.


These are just nice little features that Tesla have included with the P85D but the cars power is where its true potential rests. A whopping 691 horse power is brought to the table from the P85D,a top speed limited to 155 miles per hour and it also drives on a four wheel drive platform. With power like this it comes as no surprise that the Model S P85D can match some speeds of sports cars on the road and the P85D certainly has to go on record as being one of the best electric vehicles around. The Model S has certainly grown by leaps and bounds over the years and make no mistake about it, they are one of the biggest manufactures in the world right now.


Is the Mercedes Benz A Class the next in line for changes?

Mercedes have been spotted testing a revised A Class in Barcelona Spain. The brand new model has been spotted carrying some minor revisions compared to that of the standard model last week. Although the changes to the car are not vast, we do see from the pictures taken that the A Class is due to receive a new set of headlights,revised bumpers, changes made to the back lighting and a new grille at the front has also been spotted. If you are hoping for news of a new range of engines for the A Class, you may have to wait a little while.


There is however word going around that the inside of the vehicle is what will benefit the most. Brand new highlights to be brought over to the A Class include a new range of materials used on the seating of the car and general fabrics inside of the vehicle,an eight sat nav system and a range of ambient lights inside of the car are also expected to be brought into play. Other specific points of information are yet to be revealed including launches,prices and unveiling but as soon as many more information on the revised A Class pops up we will keep you informed with all of the latest.