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Vauxhall Adam S name change-Tesla Roadster updates-Ford Mustang Super Snake

Electric car brand Tesla who are well known for their Model S have announced that one of their original vehicles which comes to us in the form of the Roadster is all set to receive some brand new updates which will now see the car be able to travel around 400 miles from a single charge on the battery. This is all possible due to an upgrade that has been made via the cars software Previously we see that car hit 230 miles from a full charge so a 170 mileage boost is a very big deal for the company indeed.


The electric car market has been stepped up significantly over the past number of years with BMW making their claim this year with the i8 hybrid sports car. This could be the update that Tesla have needed in their Roadster again to make it a good seller but will the Model S continue in its footsteps in the future? It is certainly a strong possibility.


Vauxhall announce changes for the Adam S

Vauxhall have announced that the name Adam S to come along with their sporty Adam models will be no more as the name is now set to be replaced by the Adam 'Grand Slam' in Britain. It is worth noting that the United Kingdom is the only country to receive the name change as other countries will just keep the standard Adam S name. Both Paris and Geneva Auto shows held the reveal of the new model earlier this year which shown off turbocharged engines, a sportier look than ever before and the potential direction in which Vauxhall may take the car in the future. The Adam 'Grand Slam' will be the top of the range vehicle in the line up and is expected to be a good seller for the company taking on the likes of the Volkswagen Golf R.


Ford unveil a special edition of the new Mustang

The Ford Mustang will make history next year by going on sale in Europe for the very first time ever. The vehicle is a very popular choice in muscle car and has been for many years in the United States and in order to celebrate this big milestone for the American manufacturer they have announced a special 'Super Snake' version of the car. The 'Super Snake' are a range of updates which significantly boost the power to come along with the car set to hit out at 840bhp. If you currently own a GT 500 Mustang model then you are in luck as this new performance package can be fitted to your car which is good news. The bad news though is that it does come with a large price tag of £28,971 with just the upgrades being included within this figure. The vehicle would of course cost you more on top. Both the braking and suspension system also receive updates via the new package though which helps the car to perform much more efficiently on the road and new body designs and interior features have also been confirmed to come along with the package by Ford.  

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