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For a number of months now the American brand Tesla who are well known for their electric vehicle and family vehicle line up have been teasing a brand new addition to their range known as the 'D'. The 'D' was officially revealed last week but it wasn't a brand new vehicle addition like many were expecting. As it turns out the 'D' stands for dual motor. The brand new dual motor experience will being to be produced by taking a place in the firms most popular vehicle, the model S. This means that in the future you can expect to see the model S made available in a four wheel drive variation.


Power, performance and other specifications brought into play from the 'D'

So with this brand new dual motor experience being introduced by Tesla, the model S will be the first vehicle to be affected. The system will be placed into a new variant of the model S which is being marketed under the name of the P85D. A total of 682 brake horse power will be delivered from the model thanks to the dual motors and we are also set to see a torque development of 930NM shared with all four wheels of the model S for the first time ever. The vehicle will be restricted to speeds of 155 miles per hour with the overall leap from 0 to 62 miles per hour being achieved in just 3.2 seconds. Therefore with these kind of performance rates taking an effect the Tesla S will now make history in the automotive industry by holding the record of the fastest accelerating four door production car in history.


It isn't just the new variant of the car affected by the new dual motor system,the standard S60 will now come in the form of an S60D as will the new 85D. Thanks to this brand new dual motor system, range of mileage has also been increased. The 60d will now reach 225 with the 85D at 295. The new variant of the P85D has also been confirmed to reach 275 miles from a full charge on the battery pack.


When will the new dual motor arrive in Tesla models?

The brand have already begun using the dual motor system in their range on the production line but the first set of deliveries on these BMW i8 rivalling vehicles is set to take place throughout the Spring time of 2015. Prices have not yet been announced by the company but expect to hear more between now and the official launch.