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The Electric Car at Shortfall

The Electric Car at Shortfall


The Electric Car is something that has gained popularity in the UK over the past 18 months or so and we at Shortfall support the change. The UK Government have issued a new scheme and initiative that will hope to encourage motorists into purchasing an electrically powered vehicle.


The UK Government plan on building the infrastructure of the electric car and more and more charging stations will be turning up in your local area. You may have seen charging points at your local shopping centre or even at the park and ride facility at your local train station, but what you can be sure of is, that the electric car is here to stay.


Nissan have recently dominated the electric car market with the Nissan Leaf model and have recently updated the model as a way of fending off new competition from rival manufacturers. BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen have all expressed interest in the electric car market having sat back and watched the Nissan Leaf achieve a high number of sales figures.


The electric car market has doubled within the UK, in terms of sales figures for the past 12 months. Similar figures have been repeated across Europe which has led to other manufacturers paying a keen interest into the electric car market.


Volkswagen have announced that they will be introducing an electric version of the vest selling car in Europe, the Volkswagen Golf as well as introducing a electrically powered version of the Volkswagen Up.


BMW have taken a different approach to the electric car market and decided to build a whole new range dedicated to the motorised vehicle.


In terms of insurance for your Electric Car, we at Shortfall have the ability to offer a wide range of supplementary insurance products available to protect you and your vehicle in a number of different ways. So, why not click or call to see how a Shortfall policy could protect you and your electric car.

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