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Dacia announce electric car to be a possibility

Dacia announce electric car to be a possibility


Dacia and the electric car are probably two of the most popular addition to the automotive world in the past 18 months and a new Dacia electric model may well be the way forward.


Dacia are known as the budget manufacturer and have done extremely well during the demise of the European car market. As the car market has suffered and disposable income has become a rarity for those living in the south of Europe, budget brand Dacia has seen its market share go through the roof as it eclipses the parent brand Renault in markets such as the German.


The electric car on the other hand has also gone from strength to strength. In fact, within the UK in the past 12 months, sales of the electric car has doubled. The Nissan Leaf model has been the runaway leader and has inspired other manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes and Volkswagen into producing an electrically powered model.


The UK Government has helped the electric car market grow due to the £5,000 incentive offered to motorists who purchase a reduced emissions model such as the electric car.


The Dacia brand has had to pay attention to the electric car market and has something to consider. Manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes have seen the promise that the electric car market may hold and predict that the electric car market will one day have an equal share to the petrol and diesel counterparts.


Renault along with Nissan have developed two of the leading models in the electric car market with the Zoe and the Leaf. The joint venture ant Renault and Nissan has led to the production of a number of cars and the Chief of the venture has announced that competition for the electric car market is welcomed, as it will increase sales, interest and infrastructure. The Dacia electric car model may well be here sooner rather than later.

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