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Is the Vauxhall Adam the super-mini of the future?

Monday 25th February 2013 15:55:24

Vauxhall is planning to move into the super mini small car range and build upon the success of the Adam. That said Vauxhall are insistent that they will not copy the BMW Mini example and copy the scale of the range of models they offer.

Vauxhall are openly talking about automatic and high performance versions of the Adam. 

The Geneva Motor Show will also be the publics first glimpse of the all new Vauxhall Adam Rocks. This we think will be a concept Adam convertible however a spokes person for Vauxhall has confirmed that there are no plans to release a diesel version as they claim it would be too heavy and too expensive to produce. The Adams direct competition is the Fiat 500and the Mini  with the entry-level bring just £11,255. This price rises to £14,000 for the higher level version which also includes higher levels of trim as well as a 1.4 engine.


The Car giant knows that we all like to be able to make our cars unique and claim that there are over four billion combinations which include 60,000 exterior combinations and a staggering 80,000 interiors. Combine this with 15 different trim choices and 20 different sets of alloy wheels and it is easy to see how Vauxhall our encouraging us to become creative with our cars. Printed and illuminated roof liners, an ever-changing choice of  exterior colour packs which will be changed every year and to the feeling of being truly engaged in the design. The super mini is set to be launched at a location close to the Olympic Park at Stratford, East London, where Vauxhall has opened a temporary Adam shop. Vauxhall is anticipating just 8,000 UK sales this year, rising to 10,700 a year from 2014.


Vauxhall market research also predicts that 9 out of 10 sales will be to private customers, with female drivers expected to make up 60% of all buyers.

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