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Ford Focus ST Revealed


In some of the latest breaking news to make it's way out of the American company Ford, we are pleased to report on the news that the mass manufacturer has officially confirmed all new information on the brand new Focus ST model which is officially set to go on sale from the start of next year. The Focus has been one of the companies biggest selling models for a number of years now since it's original launch back in 1998.


It has proven to be a fine example of just what Ford can do when it comes to road legal vehicles and we believe that the success that it has indeed achieved over the years could be about to get even bigger next year when this brand new addition to the line up officially goes on sale. The Volkswagen Golf and the Vauxhall Astra have proven to be some top flight competition for the vehicle over the years and we believe that this ST variant could help maintain this competition into the future of the car industry.


What has been revealed for the Ford Focus ST?

What has been officially confirmed for this brand new addition to the range and why should you choose to buy this particular model when it goes on sale from the first quarter of 2015? Well regarding the engine ranges that will go on sale with the ST it has been stated that the car will benefit from both petrol and diesel variants. So with a look at the petrol first a 2.0 litre Ecoboost engine is supplied and will be set to produce a total of 247bhp, with the dash from zero to 62 mph being achieved in a steady all round time of 6.5 seconds.


The diesel variant however, will be a 2.0 TDCi which will produce 182 brake horsepower thanks to some changes made to the software of the Focus and a new air intake system. 8.1 seconds is the expected sprint time from the diesel model.


Some new components and features for the Focus ST variant will also feature items such as a redesigned set of bumpers,smaller headlights than the previous model, an all new eight inch touch screen located into the centre console and the ST will also benefit from a flat bottomed steering wheel too.


How much will the Ford Focus ST be?

The expected price tag for the ST to start off at will come in at around the £22,000 figure with the car being made available to order from the Autumn of this year with an expected release coming early on in 2015.