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BMW & the Hyundai Style - New Suzuki Jimmy - Ford & the European Car Market


Ford are hoping that their new subsidiary brand Vignale can help them out drastically when it comes to sales of their vehicles in multiple countries across Europe. Ford are very popular here in the UK with their Fiesta being named as the best selling car in Britain of all time. The new Vignale brand is focused on delivering a higher experience than their current range topping, Titanium X trim levels. Therefore the company have said that this range is more upmarket than ever before. The first Vignale model to arrive will be the next generation of Mondeo which is to arrive early next year.


It was in April of this year that the S Max Vignale concept was revealed to the world in Milan which shows that the company are very dedicated to incorporating current generation vehicles in a much more higher standard. It isn't just the car that receives the benefits of new features with the Vignale brand, the customer will also feel more looked after as Vignale customers will be given their own account managers from Ford and these will work in contact with the Ford dealership rather than yourself.


The Suzuki Jimmy to become bigger and better than ever before

The Suzuki corporation have recently dropped some news in the direction of the public referring to the arrival of a brand new Jimmy model. The Jimmy which was first placed on sale in 1969, is one of the mass manufacturers longest produced vehicles. There have been just three generations of the vehicle go on sale over the years with the latest being in 1998. Suzuki have however commented on the arrival of a brand new version of the car for the future and have said that the new model will carry over the traditional features that have been loved about the car in the past and will be more focused on revolutionising the car rather than reinventing it.


The Jimmy has proven to be an ideal vehicle which has performed well both on and off road and has established itself as a key player in the industry especially when it comes to driving side by side with the Land Rover Defender. No specifications are known about the new Jimmy right now but more on this vehicle is expected to be announced throughout the course of the next two to three years.


BMW changing the way in which dealerships are ran

It was just a number of weeks ago that Hyundai announced the grand opening of their brand new showroom in Bluewater shopping centre in Kent. It is the first of its kind with no sales staff being on hand as a permanent fixture and the majority of business done via a computer system. It seems that now BMW have taken some knowledge from this latest development in the automotive trade by incorporating similar structure into their own company.


They have said that, they would like to offer a much more laid back approach when it comes to their showrooms by reducing fewer sales people and allowing the customer to make decisions on their own if they wish. When and if a customer is ready to buy, that is when sales staff will jump in. Lexus are also another company who are looking into adopting this transition into their own company too. What do you think about this matter? Should more and more car firms start to operate a similar routine?